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A few suggestions for Precursor Legacy

Jak and Daxter Collection

A few suggestions for Precursor Legacy

Okay so right of the bat, let me make something clear. This is NOT a guide that will walk you through every single step of the game. Giving you the locations of the collectibles, when to buy stuff, order of missions, etc. However, it is a collection of OVERALL HINTS that got me through the game. So here goes


  • If you are trying to collect everything, it is a good idea to complete the entirety of a area when you are there. Although it is impossible to do this everyplace you go, after getting to the citadel, you can go back and do anything you couldn't originally. (Assuming everything you could do you did). 
  • Also, the arguably hardest power cell to get is the purple rings in precursor basin. But even if you don't get that, you can still beat the game without it and unlock the special ending. (achievements are another thing altogether)
  • Eco compounds so get as many as you can. 
  • If you spin kick in the air, it will sometimes stop you from getting injured on long falls.
  • Giant fish rule the ocean.
  • Some missions have good effects later in the game.
  • Listen to all the words coming out of the characters mouths (even daxters if you want to laugh) most of them are helpful.
  • Take breaks,while  the more you play a level, the easier it might get but as frustration builds, so do your mistakes.
  • Listen to samos, really he is a SAGE
  • You are not required to have even close to every power cell to beat the final boss
  • If you are stumped on a last few orbs, try falling off of things, some ledges are not visible from above
  • Keep in mind that some areas in the game, you must complete a task before you can leave and you cannot just back track until you get out of the place, if you are scared of this take advantage of the multiple save files 
  • A rolling jump is faster than running. Although not confirmed, it seems reasonable as long as you do not hit obstacles. Not to mention it seems that way
  • be kind to those lurkers, I think that they are under some sort of unnatural influence. 
  • Use the goggle like things as a zoom in ability by pressing triangle.
  • Alright, go embark on your quest now.