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A few suggestions for Jak II

Jak and Daxter Collection

A few suggestions for Jak II

Okay so right of the bat, let me make something clear. This is NOT a guide that will walk you through every single step of the game. Giving you the locations of the collectibles, when to buy stuff, order of missions, etc. However, it is a collection of OVERALL HINTS that got me through the game. So here goes
  • Don’t stress over getting all the orbs. They are more important in the third game. That said however, do take. A break every once in a while, and go orb hunting/torn mission completing. It escpecially helps for hard levels when you need a and speaking of breaks, do take some, the bell curve remember
  •  Peacemaker’s greatest asset is its ability to hit large groups simultaneously
  •  Be kind to praxis, he is trying to help
  •  Metal heads have metal heads, shoot, collect, as many as you can, you get powers
  •  Many bosses are invincible for a short time after being hit, far shooting bullets are for far shooting enemies, some guns hurt many enemies at a time: in other words, choose your gun wisely.
  •  When running low on ammo, go on a kg killing spree with your kicks and punches
  •  Some places cannot be freely visited. Okay orb hunters
  •  If you die, you get another chance at a metal head skull that you couldn’t find
  • Keep dark jak for emergencies
  • Friendly fire exist
  • Look up stadium glitch
  •  Some places you cannot leave until you finish the mission. Keep in mind
  •  laugh at dax
  •  Shooting in escort levels means your friend is getting attacked
  •  Orbs are everywhere, jump up fall down, and use every tool at your disposal, also try waiting for a while, a mission may open up possibilities
  •  Sometimes it isn’t necessary to fight through the leveland you can just run past everyone
  • Okay, go save haven city