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A few suggestions for Jak 3

Jak and Daxter Collection

A few suggestions for Jak 3

Okay so right of the bat, let me make something clear. This is NOT a guide that will walk you through every single step of the game. Giving you the locations of the collectibles, when to buy stuff, order of missions, etc. However, it is a collection of OVERALL HINTS that got me through the game. So here goes
  • Spend orbs wisely
  • If you take breaks every 15 percent or so to go orb mission fulfilling, you will be good secret wise
  • If you need metal head skulls, wait and you shall receive
  • You cannot slow time in timed challenges
  • Regeneration is the best over all the rest but remember, death heals all but replenishes no eco
  • For taking= out lots enemies quickly, reflecting bullets are good, the third upgrade for a gun is often a waste of ammo
  • Desert cars are not all the same
  • Orbs are everywhere, literally. EVERYWHERE
  • When not on foot, skulls boomerang back to you
  • Once you buy a challenge with skulls, it stays open for free at any point, if you are having trouble, wait and come back to it
  • there is truly no need to collect all the orbs in the game. Same for beating minigame records or playing challenges.
  • Some gun mods are useful some a waste of ammo, and some fit only certain specifications. Figure out where each falls.
  • Remember just because you couldn’t go somewhere before doesn’t mean you can never go somewhere in the game