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  • Blog Post: Hotline Miami Video Reivew

    Hotline Miami has received a lot of attention lately for being somewhat of an indie darling on the PC and with the game gearing up for a PSN release, we figured now is a good time for the AO crew to dig into the game and give you our two cents on the bloody romp through 1980′s Miami. Please enjoy... More
  • Blog Post: A thought provoking look into violence

    At first I didn't know what to think of Hotline Miami. I was frustrated at times, and completely enraptured at others. It started as a mixed bag of an amazing presentation mixed with unfamiliar design. Once the game took hold of me, it never let go. The incredible sound design, the strange, disorienting... More
  • Blog Post: Retro Killer

    You kick the door open, smashing into the goon standing behind it, without flinching you smash his head into the ground, and grab his crowbar, swinging it into two other goons' heads, their brains splattering everywhere. What I described is a pretty gruesome scenario, but its what you do in almost... More
  • Blog Post: Style over Substance

    I run down a hallway and wait by a door. A guard walks past the door and I swing it open, knocking him down. I dash at a shotgunner before he has time to react and swing my katana, decapitating him. I turn back to the stunned guard and finish him off with a quick sword swipe. I check the next room. A... More
  • Blog Post: Hotline Miami Review: A stylish and violent beat 'em up you want to keep playing

    Hotline Miami is a game all about juxtaposition. The game is styled as a retro, top down 8-bit beat ‘em up, but the incredibly violent gameplay surrounding it is not something you would have seen during the NES era (at least not without any large amount of controversy). The music and color palette... More
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