Okay, This one isn't tough but you have to do a lot more than what the lists online say to get it.  This trophy is one of two that you get in the prologue.  But, this is the only one you really need to pay attention to get.  First off you need to shower and get ready, go downstairs, listen to your thoughts, and choose work.  Then you find Ethan's office and sit down at his desk.  Finish the drawing, this requires five or six times that you set the pensil down and pick it up again.  Once, you've signed the drawing you're done.  Then just kind of screw around until your family gets home.  I suggest going into the backyard, it's really nice and gives you a great feel of how good Ethan's life is at this point. 

Once your family comes home help your wife with the bags.  After that she will ask you to set the table.  The plates are next to the table in a cupboard on the floor. Do this before your wife complains.  Once the table is set listen to your thoughts again and choose play with kids.  Go out to the back, play with Shaun first.  I think he's the one that's not in the green shirt.  Then play with Jason (the order may not matter).  Win the sword fight against Jason. 

After playtime is over go upstairs to find Shaun crying over his pet bird who has died.  This starts a sad movie and then jumps to the mall.  Again do this before your wife complains.

Even this far from the actual events you still won't get the trophy and some actions will still affect the completion of this trophy (even 2 years later).

So you pick up Shaun from school and take him home.  Once you get there you need to follow a schedule that Ethan has written out on a chalk board in the kitchen.  It doesn't have to be exact but you have to do the tasks in order and at around the same time as they say on the board.  Be nice to Shaun, this is important.  He has to go to bed in a good mood or you won't get the trophy.  Don't be afraid to be assertive when he asks for more time with the T.V.  as long as it's past the time that is required by the board he'll stay happy.  I suggest juggling at dinner.  there's a bowl of fruit by the sink that you can interact with, this makes him very happy, but isn't required for the trophy. 

You won't actually get the trophy until you see Scott Shelby's face as a loading screen.  Be careful if you miss a step you have to go throught the whole 30 minute ordeal again.  good luck and I hope this helps.