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Heavy Rain Blog Guidelines
  • Such a captivating story that draws you in,I couldn't stop playing it until I got some sort of ending.

    Heavy Rain is a game that I can't give a score that's less than a 10.It has one of the most captivating stories I've ever experienced from any type of media whether it be a video game,movie etc. What makes Heavy Rain stand out from a video... More
  • Instant Classic Heavy Rain

    David Cage the man behind classics such as Indigo Prophecy & Nomad Soul brings us the best looking game ever. The graphics are on par with a Final Fantasy Cut Sean all the way through. I have played through once and some more and yes this game is... More
  • Gaming is Art

    Gamers are in constant pursuit of the validation of showing that our chosen media is a true art form. Well, now we don't need to look any further. "Heavy Rain" is proof that gaming can be art. The game places you in the shoes of 4 different... More
  • Heavy Rain User Review

    I am, and always will be, a fan of a game that lets the player choose. After all, my favorite game of all time is the original Mass Effect. But Quantic Dream injects some fresh and innovative details into the foray in Heavy Rain. I've heard about... More
  • Incredible experience, in a GOOD game.

    Heavy Rain is something that comes along every so often- a game that changes what people will think of as a 'Game'. It has more in common with 'Dragon's Lair' than 'Final Fantasy', and it runs the risk of alienating a fairly... More
  • A captivating story, moving characters, is this possibly the best drama game of all time?

    Obviously this game is quite old, but I still find that this game fresh. As a story, it definitely goes as one of the most tenses finales to be ever scripted. Playing with four characters maybe a little confusing, but over time you can instantly warm... More
  • Heavy Rain gives one of the most intense stories in gameing

    I remember when I first saw the trailer, it looked really good. Then, when I got it, I liked it. It may not be the most fun, but it gives a really, really good story. Graphics are great. Some of the best on the PS3. Score is thrilling. It just added the... More
  • Storytelling At It's Finest

    Quanticdream's Heavy Rain breaks the mold on storytelling in video games. It blends a beautiful mixture of intense action, dramatic scenes, and interactive cinematography and weaves a beautiful web as it tells it's story of love, fear, and deception... More
  • Wow!

    Heavy Rain is amazing. I'm surprised by it actually. The character development plays out great, and the connections you make to the people surrounding each character is superb. Quantic Theory has definetly put something unique out there for people... More
  • Wombat On The Grill: Heavy Rain Review

    Before I get onto the review: THIS IS MY LAST REVEIW OF ANY GAME THAT CAME OUT BEFORE 2011!! ENJOY! Heavy Rain has a lot to offer. But the fun will only come if you use it correctly.Don't use it, and it can be a boring expereince. Controls: This is... More
  • Must Have

    This is a Must Have :-) More
  • Heavy Rain Ends Up A Bit Light On Freedom (NO SPOILERS)

    With a game like Heavy Rain, reviews can become much less concrete. Questions arise such as "Are you a 'storyline gamer' or a 'gameplay gamer'?" Suddenly, gamers are sorted into strange and new categories that never existed before... More
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