Its happened to all of you. Don't lie. You attempted to attack another player and you failed. What could have possibly gone wrong. Well many things actually. No one helped you attack them or they defeated your army maybe they just got lucky. The question is, How to successfully attack an enemy base?

There are many ways to successfully attack an enemy base. What I mean by successfully is that the enemy base was blown off the grid. Like I've said before it all comes down to how one plays and how they interpret information. Just because it worked once doesn't mean it will work every time. Halo Wars matches are unpredictable but inferable. Yea I made up that word. What I'm saying is that if you know that an enemies army is nowhere in sight or off attacking your friend then take advantage of the situation and attack his base. Just keep a look out for his friends. There are many scenarios to go through but that's not what I'm here for.

So you have a full army and you are ready to attack any base. You send your troops to the nearest enemy base. You've arrived. This is what's best to do.

If you meet no Resistance:

Step 1. Destroy any Defense Turrets they have built.

Destroying those turrets first will stop them from killing of any of your units. ( if you meet some resistance then ration your troops to destroy some turrets but most the players army. Do not continue to step two until those turrets are destroyed and their army.

Step 2. Cut their production of troops and deploy a Disruption Bomb

If they have Barracks or a Vehicle Depot or an Air Pad,  destroy it next. This will stop you opponent from training troops. If there is no army  then it makes it easier for you to take them out. Deploying a Disruption Bomb wont allow you or anyone to use ODST's, Healers, Transport troops, or their Special Powers. This keeps you safe from other players only if you army is in range of the Disruption Bomb.

Step 3. Destroy those Reactors

Destroying their Reactors will also stop them from training troops, upgrading and being able to use their Special Powers or upgrades.

Step 4. Finish them

You've destroyed your opponents mandatory needs for survival all you need to do now is finish destroying their base. Tired of waiting then use your Special Power and move to their next base or another players base. It is all up to you. You are in control. Good Luck! I hope this helped.

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