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Halo Wars Strategy & Tactics: Multiplayer #3: ODST's, Grizzlies, & HAWX

Halo Wars

Halo Wars Strategy & Tactics: Multiplayer #3: ODST's, Grizzlies, & HAWX

You've all read my previous Halo Wars Guides. Maybe. But if your still playing Halo Wars and need help to better improve your online matchmaking, then here are some more useful tips.

As you all know in Halo Wars there are three main characters you may choose to play with. Each and every one of them with their own special unit and special power. I'm going to give players some ideas as of how they may use these units to their advantage.

Captain Cutter:

Special Unit: ODST's

When playing with Captain Cutter players are allowed to make ODST's ( 1800 ). This allows Cpt. Cutter to drop troops into enemy lines anywhere at an instant. How can you use these to your advantage? Well this very much depends on what situation one might be in. Say you are attacking another player's base but your ODST's are almost dead and you just need a couple more shots to destroy their base. Then ODST some troops and finish them off. Even if the odds are not in your favor. The way I use these ODST's is in a special way. Being Cpt. Cutter does not mean you have to make ODST's. A player could create an entire army of scorpions send them off to attack and once those scorpions get destroyed drop shot those ODST's. There many ways you can use these to your advantage. Do your homework and know how they work and how many it takes to destroy certain buildings or vehicles. Up to six ODST's can be transported by a Pelican.

Special Power: Mac Blast

The Mac Blast, probably the most powerful of the three special powers, is useful in many ways. The Mac Blast is upgradeable up to three times allowing players to have four in total. They can be used to destroy bases, or completely demolish, almost demolish, an army. The Mac Blast is great to use on any ground troops or bases. Using a Mac Blast to destroy hornets is completely unacceptable. They are not effective against air troops unless its a Vulture because those are very slow.

Sergeant Forge:

Special Unit: Grizzlies

Grizzlies are one the most powerful ground vehicles in the game. Only allowed to be made with Sgt. Forge, Grizzlies are one upgrade above the Scorpions. These vehicles are best to attack any base or ground troops. They get the job done quickly and effectively. Their weakness are any air vehicles and Cobras. Grizzlies are one of two vehicles in the game that are allowed to have 14 stars on them, that is with a Spartan under the wheel. Up to three Grizzlies can be transported to any highlighted location on the map with a Pelican.

Special Power: Carpet Bomb

The Carpet Bomb is very similar to the Napalm Strike in COD Black Ops. But this isn't COD this is Halo so lets get to it. The Carpet Bomb is most effective against any ground troops. They are fairly good towards bases and its terrible against air. The Carpet Bomb is upgradeable three times and only allowed to use once. When upgraded the Carpet Bomb increases in range and in damage.

Professor Anders:

Special Unit: HAWX

HAWX are created in the Air Pad but only upgradeable with Prof. Anders. HAWX are the best of all air. They are best used against Scarabs, Bases, and some ground troops. Their weakness are Wolverines which are anti-air vehicles and a Cryo Bomb. HAWX move about very quickly around every map allowing them to constantly attack and flee Bases. This is very annoying so make sure there are Wolverines around. HAWX are also very easily destroyed so make sure you watch them carefully.

Special Power: Cryo Bomb

The Cryo Bomb is Prof. Anders special power. It freezes players allowing your troops to flee from combat without being hurt or to give players an advantage if your fending off an army or trying to destroy one. But its best use is against any air vehicles. The Cryo Bomb instantly freezes air vehicles destroying them in the process by making air units crash into the ground.

That's it for now folks. If you have any questions make sure to leave a comment on my profile. Thanks.