Don't let the top picture fool you. In Halo Wars multiplayer, all gamers are allowed to train only three Spartans. Although being able to train more than three Spartans would be great, three Spartans is also just enough if controlled well.

To train a Spartan one must first build a Barracks, a Reactor, and have 900 resources to spare. Each Spartan costs 300 resources equipped with two SMG's, being able to dodge some bullets when in combat, and can hijack vehicles and yes they are upgradeable. Wait just a minute though, its not that simple. With each upgrade complete the player will have to build another reactor or upgrade their current reactor to upgrade again and again.


Chain Gun: Reactor Lvl: 2, Resources Needed: 300

This upgrade equips Spartans with a chain gun increasing their fire rate and damage.

Neural Implant: Reactor Lvl: 3, Resources Needed: 600

This upgrade improves the Spartans reflexes and increases their hijack ability.

Spartan Laser: Reactor Lvl: 4, Resources Needed: 1000

This upgrade equips all Spartans with a Spartan Laser increasing their range and damage.

Rebel Bases:

In most of the Halo Wars multiplayer maps there are rebel bases. Why they are there is unknown to me but I do have a guess. In Halo history before the UNSC - Covenant War, the UNSC was in a civil war against the rebels. At first, Spartans were being trained secretly as you may already know to enforce UNSC law. They were trained to defeat the Rebels but were instead used on Harvest when the UNSC - Covenant War began. In Halo Wars, rebel bases contain four turrets. Only two are actual defense turrets and the other two are observation towers. Two rebel infantry units protect each base most of the time with no stars. They are equipped with Assault Rifles and RPG's. To defeat a Rebel base its best to take out the rebel infantry first then take out the four turrets and finish off by destroying the main base. This method gives players more XP.


That's not it though. Ever been in a multiplayer match and noticed a star, two stars or three stars on your Spartan or any other troop. Don't worry unless that is not your Spartan or troop. Having stars on a troop means that they are experienced ( veterancy points ) combat units thus making them more efficient in combat. How do you get stars on your Spartans?

How to Gain Stars on Spartans/Units:

Its really simple. All you have to do is send your Spartan to invade a rebel base or a player base but that is almost suicidal if not done right. The safe way is to simply send your Spartan to a Rebel Base. Sending all three Spartan to one base will only give one Spartan a star. If you send two it will rarely give both Spartans a star  but its a 50% - 50% chance. To achieve this send two Spartan to attack the Rebel Base. Send one Spartan to attack one rebel infantry one observation tower and one defense turret. Send the other to attack the other half then together destroy the base. If one Spartan doesn't get a star send it to attack another Rebel Base. Once it gets its star send your third Spartan to the other Rebel Base and Let the Spartan destroy it all. To gain more stars constantly send them into combat. The less they are upgraded the easier it is to gain the stars. ( Hint: Keep an eye on your Spartans when in combat. They can die and stars will be lost ). To gain more than three stars, let your Spartan take control of one of your air troops or vehicles. Prefer a Scorpion if Sgt. Forge or a Hornet if Prof. Anders. Unit may gain up to 14 stars.

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