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Anti-Warthog Rush

Halo Wars

Anti-Warthog Rush

If you suspect that the enemy is going to rush you, you may not know what to do. I'll try to teach you so you don't get mauled by the classic rush tactic. To begin with, its good to know the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" circle. In Halo Wars, it goes "Vehicles Beats Infantry, Infantry Beats Aircraft, and Aircraft Beats Vehicles." If you suspect a rush, you should build an Air Pad, then start churning out air units as fast as you can. You really should make Hornets because they can be made quickly and with relatively little cost, but if you have time it is nice to build a Vulcan.

But what happens if you can't get enough reactor points for your air base? Well, you need to build all of the turrets you can and upgrade them with anti-vehicle attachments. Also build a Field Armory to upgrade your turrets further and bolster your defences. If you are Sgt. Forge. You might want to build a couple of Cyclops to help with repairing buildings while the attack is on. If you are Prof. Anders, you should consider building a few Gremlin units. They can use there EMP Pulse to play a pivotal role in defending your base against such attacks.

Same goes for if you are playing as a Covenant Leader, but I recommend building more Warehouses and a Temple so you can produce your leader. His powers can make all the difference.

Well, I hoped that this guide has helped some of you fight off those nubish rushers.

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  • Hmmm... agree with covenant, but i have no problems with warthog rushing anyways, but good guide. If you want to play halo wars with me, i am a very avid and skilled player hit me up

    GT is devinkeller2

  • I dont play Halo wars , just wanted to check out your guide after what you said about jakeorcutt editing yours for points too . Very nicely written , keep up the good work .

  • Or you can upgrade spartans and tanks all the way and then you can beat two scarabs with eight tanks if three spartans take over. Then you leave about six tanks left over, and you pretty much automatically win.

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