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  • Blog Post: Halo 4: The good the bad and the awesome or the multiplayer the campaign and OMG finally we get to be master chief again!

    Halo 4 is a game that is very much contraversial among fans of the series. Some belittle it as a sellout of a game that betrays its roots as a story fueled fps, while others praise it for brilliant multiplayer, I am going to do a little of both. For one, the story is not halo standard. But take into... More
  • Blog Post: After the Fact: Halo 4

    Let me first say this: this review is in my opinion, not the opinion of anyone else. When Halo 4 was first announced, I was rather skeptical of the game. It was 343's first rodeo, and I was already missing Bungie's hand in Halo. However, as more and more information was released, I became more... More
  • Blog Post: 343 goes above and beyond with the beloved Halo series

    I'll admit I'm fairly new to the Halo series, my first Halo game was Reach. But this makes me all the more qualified to write this review. Halo 4 compelling yet easy to follow campaign allowed me develop a passion for the series and its protagonist Master Chief. 343 Industries created a Halo... More
  • Blog Post: Better than Bungie's Halo

    Halo 4 is easily one of the best games of 2012. It has innovative Post-release Support, Awesome Multiplayer, and a great Campaign! The Campaign actually makes the Master Chief "human" and shows a more personal side to him. Concept: Bring back Master Chief in a amazing and fairly innovative... More
  • Blog Post: Pretty good, 343!

    ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS???*** Surprisingly enough, I half expected this game to tank- only because I was such a Bungie fan at the time. I then began to see the trailers, the sneak-peeks. I was dumb-founded.. speechless even. This game is gorgeous!! *Who doesn't like a good shooter every now and then... More
  • Blog Post: Halo blew away my expectations

    Halo 4 shattered my expectations on what I thought 343 was capable of. The campaign was riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. As a long time Halo fan I can say that the ending made me emotional and shed a few manly tears. I wont spoil what happens but it was so well done... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing! Its a Must Buy!

    I was hesitant on buying this because it was being made by bungie but all those fears went out the door when I played it! The game still has the awesome Halo feel to it. The graphics are fantastic and the different gamemodes are so much fun! You can play the campaign with friends like always or you could... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 4: The Chief is in Good Hands

    Two years ago, developer Bungie ended their reign as the kings of the first-person shooter genre by finishing their beloved Halo franchise with the prequel Halo: Reach. For fans, its release was bittersweet; while many didn’t want to see Halo’s run come to an end, they were still rewarded... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 4 Review - A Satisfying Blend of Old and New

    The release of a new Halo game is an occasion, an event of epic proportions -- and with good reason. The Xbox brand is still around today solely because of the huge success of the original franchise spawning game. With Halo 4, developer 343 Industries returns to the roots of the series in some aspects... More
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