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  • Blog Post: Better than Bungie's Halo

    Halo 4 is easily one of the best games of 2012. It has innovative Post-release Support, Awesome Multiplayer, and a great Campaign! The Campaign actually makes the Master Chief "human" and shows a more personal side to him. Concept: Bring back Master Chief in a amazing and fairly innovative... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing! Its a Must Buy!

    I was hesitant on buying this because it was being made by bungie but all those fears went out the door when I played it! The game still has the awesome Halo feel to it. The graphics are fantastic and the different gamemodes are so much fun! You can play the campaign with friends like always or you could... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 4 - Taking Back the Epic Mantle of Bungie's Legacy

    Five years ago, Halo 3 was released, ending the Master Chief's story and opening the gateway for Bungie and Ensemble Studios to make three prequel games. Unfortunately, the user response from the community was so biased on its multiplayer that they were unable to see the prequels for what they truly... More
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