Need to haz recon? This guide is absolutely for you!

In this particular guide, we will be talking about getting one of the three vidmaster achievements in the ODST disc: Called "Classic".


This achievement requires you to complete an ENTIRE level on LEGENDARY mode, WITHOUT having any shots fired, and WITHOUT any grenades thrown, and you have to do it all SOLO on LIVE. Basically, you're screwed.......or not? This may sound excruciatingly difficult, but with the right strategy, this achievement can actually be retrieved really easily. Also, make sure it is on LIVE and not on LOCAL or SYSTEM LINK, even though it requires that it is done solo.


Out of all the levels to do this on, the best level to get it is on Uplift Reserve because it is entirely vehicular based, meaning it will be easy to not be shooting anything, while still completing the game. HOWEVER, if you get on a vehicle such as a ghost or a chopper, DO NOT shoot anything, for it still counts, even if it's on a vehicle.


When you start the level, you will be on a beach. You run to where your objective is, and you will see a Warthog, flipped upside-down. Go to it, and claim the Warthog. After that, rather than taking on the Wraith with the other troopers, you will drive towards the back-area. Stay there, and if you look across, you will see a passage to the next area, but the Choppers are guarding it, and inside the passage way are a few choppers, and two Wraiths. You will have to wait for the choppers circling around to either go away, or just wait for a moment where you can easily pass by them, then you will have to get passed the other Choppers and Wraiths too. Once you get passed them all, there will be an entrance to the next part, a medkit on the side, and a Ghost which you can switch over to.  ***IMPORTANT*** Don't let any Marines enter your warthog.  If they do and shoot their weapon, the achievement can't be earned!


Once on the ghost, you will be able to use it's boost to evade enemies faster. Now just go through to the next portion...

STEP 4: "I would like to have my ghost ON THE ROCKS!"

Well that was a retarded step title...but it is self explanatory. When you reach the area with the many turrets on the side shooting at you, things will not get pretty. So instead of going that direction, try using the rocks as a little ramp to the other side, that way, you can avoid many deaths from the dreaded turrets.


The rest of the level is just self-explanatory, just make sure you keep on ramming through the level until you reach the end. So good luck, and have fun has-ing your recons ;)