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  • Blog Post: Three Cheers for the Rookie!

    Playing as the Master Chief in any Halo game makes you feel close to invincible...that is until your shields give way and you have to find cover...or when a grunt sticks a plasma grenade to your shiny, metal armor,... or when an Elite cuts into you with a plasma sword... or a Brute Chieftain bashes your... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 ODST is different, but real fun

    I have a PS3. I don't get to play alot of XBOX360 games. When I played ODST, I didn't know what to expect. I knew it was different, but by how much? I played it, and it was fun. Graphics pretty good. Some mishaps time to time, but overall pretty good. Story descent. Overall it's like 4-6... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 ODST let you down? what a shame...

    I was not turned away by the lack of competitive multiplayer, though it would have been greatly interesting to play as an ODST in multiplayer, relying more on stealth than you normally already need to. This game was really fun and was very interesting. This was a more campaign led game and that disappointed... More
  • Blog Post: Review: Halo ODST

    It's been a while since ODST's launch, yet once I played the newest installment in the series I discovered I had skipped a game. Thank goodness I went back and found this hiding gem, for that's exactly what ODST is: A hidden jewel of wonderment. The main enjoyment I've drawn from this... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare to Drop in this full-priced expansion

    A year and a half ago I purchased Halo 3: ODST. Originally Halo 3: Recon, Microsoft decided to make a full-priced release out of an otherwise $30 expansion. The result? I don't think it's worth $60, but the price has gone down since launch and it has many great features to keep you hooked. ODST... More
  • Blog Post: Cool Expansion

    This game is not $60 worth of new content, but it doesn't cost that much anymore, so who cares? The campaign is short but fun (Nathan Fillion FTW!) and features the much needed addition of a map. Firefight mode is cool and all the Halo 3 multiplayer content is cool if you don't have it already... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 3: ODST tmcclelland47

    Halo 3:ODST is the perfect way to waste an entire weekend - while having fun in the process. In short - you get some good weapons, target a coupla alien dudes - and blow 'em up. It's a shoot-em-up kinda game, and it takes place on the planet Reach. The Spartans are trying to fend of the Covenant... More
  • Blog Post: I wasn't expecting to review this but what the hell

    This game was fun for a whole year. The campaign is super good but short. This should have been a small game inside halo 3 but Microsoft. had screw it up for Bungie. This short game had new mode called firefight well it's kinda like horde in gears. It was pretty fun for a small guppy game like this... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 3: ODST my review

    Superb, not pitch perfect, but superb. A truly fun game. Less open combat and less vehicles but the storyline was amazing. Besides allies faces, graphic were elite. Your person, Rookie is a bit more mysterious. You never even hear his voice. Pretty sure it's a guy because it would be weird how the... More
  • Blog Post: A new faceless hero gets his fifteen minutes of fame.

    It's been a while since I've played Halo 3, and I had never touched ODST until recently. Now that I've had the time to play this title - without the residual effects of the smear campaign against its sixty-dollar pricetag plaguing my judgment - for myself, I must say that this game, regardless... More
  • Blog Post: An "expansion" more than worthy of the franchise

    Had Bungie not forgotten to tie their shoes before walking out the door and avoid the words "expansion pack" regarding this game's release, I don't think anyone would have balked at the full-price tag on ODST. Sure, the campaign is shorter than any of the others, and yes, the Halo 3... More
  • Blog Post: An Expansion That Thinks It Is Its Own Game

    Bungie set out with the intention of making an expansion for Halo 3. What they achieved instead was a product that provides more content, story, and multiplayer action than most of the full games on the market. The campaign of ODST provides a great twist to the traditional Halo gameplay. Don't expect... More
  • Blog Post: The supposed expansion

    Halo 3 ODST is a mixed bag. It gives Halo fans the most well rounded expeirience in the sereis while subtracting from a core element, the campaign. It is saddening that this campaign while enjoyable is half the size of a regular FPS which definetly detracts from its appeal. The multiplayer maps are definetly... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 3... Just Better

    As soon as I picked up my controller upon inserting the ODST disc, I knew I had a halo game under my hands. This game feels and looks like its predecessor, Halo 3, and does a good job of improving the original Halo formula. The most obvious difference between this game and Halo 3 is that this game is... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 3: ODST finishes the awesomeness Halo 3 started.

    To start, I'm not going to review ODST by it's price tag. I agree it should be $40 but price isn't going to be included in my review. Also, this review IS NOT coming from a Halo fanboy. I just like the game. Anyway, ODST features a new campaign, 3 new Halo 3 maps, and best of all, Firefight... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 ODST: Dropping in where Halo 2 left off

    People have been telling us that halo is old and is same ol same ol. Halo 3 ODST breaks that cycle by doing the unthinkable, benching Master cheif and putting in the Rookie ODST. What may seem like a drawback actually adds a little spice to the Halo series. Every enemy comes with challenges master cheif... More
  • Blog Post: Elite, however familiar

    Halo 3:ODST is a very addicting first person shooter that is enjoyable to most Halo fans. The game was somewhat familiar however, consisting of the same grenades and weapons. I recommend this game to any fan of the Halo series and is one of my favorites. The game now has a scoped SMG that is useful when... More
  • Blog Post: awsom game

    this game is awsome More
  • Blog Post: Not worth 60 bucks if you already have h3

    Ok so I guess you could say im a diehard halo fan. but odst just didnt really pump me up. It was deffinently fun. but i feel i was a little ripped off. Its got a fun little 6 hour story that is satisfying but not memorable. its got firefight mode which is fun but has no matchmaking. and its got the second... More
  • Blog Post: Back off Chief; The Rookie is in town.

    Halo 3 had an lackluster campaign but ODST completely nullifies anything that Halo 3 did wrong. The story set up is awesome. You are a nameless ODST who is hot dropped into New Mombasa just as a Covenant cruiser goes into slip-space. A massive emp wave hits the city and seems to wipe out every ODST drop... More
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