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Learn the Impossible

Halo 3

Learn the Impossible

So, you're learning to play Halo 3 huh? Well if you're truly determined to be the ultimate Halo Beast then you should learn to do the most impossible manuevers, stunts and tricks to be the most unstoppable player. There are tons of things you've never seen or even heard of doing like the Sticky Throwback or the Super Slide and many more all of which can be performed in real time gameplay. So when you jump into your 360 and you start up your Halo game, just remember... to Learn the Impossible.

Step 1: Finding a manuever.

The First step is to find a move that you wish to and could actually perform in a real time game, for noob I would suggest the Gravity Bat,  it's simple and anyone could do it. While in play find a Gravity Hammer, that is if the map your playing on has one, and simply use it as a bat to fling incoming rockets away from, all it takes is some skilled timing and you should start flinging rockets around like turtles in flour bag.

Now eventually as you get up there in your manuevering abilities you should have started using your sniper for just about everything from sniping an enemy out of a banshee from behind to opening a jar of mayonaise without breaking the glass. It's extremely vital you master the sniper because if you rule the sniper you have absolute control over any other weapon. My favorite exercise to better my self in the art of headshots is to snipe rockets. Yes it can be done and it doesnt matter if the rocket is from a rocket launcher or a missile pod you can in fact snipe them out of them sky. The best way to do this is to take turns in a custom match with a buddy by firing rockets at one and other and sniping them as they approach. You can actually use this in a live game and the people firing will be in absolute awe of your magnificent ability. 

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