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How to Get "Your Groove" in Halo

Halo 3

How to Get "Your Groove" in Halo

Well, basically I thought it may be nice if i gave some pretty basic tips on how to become an overall better player in halo 3.

These tips are all solely based of of personal experience.



                                                                      Terms I will use

BR: Battle Rifle

AR: Assault Rifle

4-Shot: Shooting a player in the head 4 times with a BR.

Shoot/Bash: Shooting a person until their shield are almost gone, then bashing them for the kill.

Nade Jump: The art of jumping over a grenade explosion, causing the spartan to jump higher.

Heavy: Player who utilizes weapons like a rocket launcher, spartan laser, missle pod, etc.

1-shot: A player whose shield is completely depleted. It only takes 1 shot from most weapons to kill someone that is 1-shot.





1. â–ˆImportantâ–ˆ Practice your BR. Master the 4-shot  so that you can hold your own in Gunfights.

2. Replace your AR with a BR. The only time you actually need an AR is if you either don't have a BR, or you ran out of ammo and it's a close-range fight. The AR is effective if used as a last resort. With the AR you will want to use the shoot/bash method a lot.

3. Use Grenades. Frags are a Spartan's best friend. These are extremely useful  if used to take out an enemies shield. Frags are perfect in combination with a BR. If you throw a Frag on target, and it hits the opposing player, then all you have to do is shoot them in the head 1 time with a BR. Plasmas and Spikes are also extremely useful. They can be used to do anything from: kill a Heavy, Destroy vehicles, Nade Jumping, Etc.

4. Do NOT use turrets. You should never use a turret unless its mounted on a vehicle. Using a stationary turret is as useful as giving a grunt an energy sword. And ripping a turret off the ground, even though it can be fun, is just as bad....you move half the speed, and you die just as fast....don't do it.

5. Do....Not....Use....These Weapons....Unless.....You....Have....No....Choice: Spiker, Plasma Rifle, Magnum.

6. Don't even attempt to use a Plasma Pistol unless you know how to use it properly.

7. Don't think you need heavy weapons to take down vehicles. Utilize the small, unserestimated things. Use a Power Drain, if it comes in contact with a vehicle, the engine will shut off temporarily. Use a Plasma Pistol, this has the same effect as a power drain. If it is a warthog, mongoose, or ghost.....try to snipe/br them out of it.

8. Learn the terms players use in refernce to locations on a map, so you don't get lost in the gaming lingo.

9. Communicate. This is Self-Explanatory. You have a headset....use it. (And if you don't have one GET ONE!!!!) If u see some1....let ur teammates know where he is. If u die, let them know where u were shot from. If u left a guy 1-shot TELL THEM!

10. If you can, grab a sniper and a BR. This is the ultimate combination. Be sure to practice with both of these weapons, your skill with them is crucial.

11. By all means....have fun. Don't hesitate to take a shot. Don't worry about looking like u suck. Don't let people make you mad, feel bad, get nervous, Etc. They are usually just losers that get confident when they are hidden behind an Xbox Headset anyway.





 For some extra tips that i did not state in my guide, go to the "how to get good on halo 3" guide. Those tips are also very useful and you should keep them in mind.

So those are some basic tips just to get you started. If you need further help, or just have questions, feel free to message me.

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  • dang i agree 100% on the guide but i learned how  to use mi plasma gun thx 2 halo odst and brute spike cuz i just like the blade for mele kills and the spikes hit very VERY hard.as it comes 2 turrets i just rip them oof and camp :p   but the best overall weapon in halo 3  is the battle rifle. thank you =]

  • thanks now i can go to my friends house and own them all...suckas

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