Hi as most of you probably know the halo 3 mythic skulls are not easy to get but just stick with me and ill tell you where they are.


first is the heretic skull

The Heretic Skull can be found on the Mythic map, “Heretic”. To get the heretic Skull, enter Heretic in forge mode, then fly towards the top of the Blue base and the skull is located in the vent-like ducts.

You can see photos and a Heretic skull location video below:

Heretic Skull Location


next is the longshore skull


The Longshore Skull can be found on the Mythic map, “Longshore”. The Longshore Skull is located behind two air vents above the water in an area out of reach of regular players. To get to the Longshore Skull, you must be in Forge, and use the monitor to fly on top of the air vents to grab the skull.

You can see photos and a Longshore skull location video below:

Longshore Skull Location


and now for the final skull: this is the hardest skull to find.

The Citadel Skull can be found on the Mythic map, “Citadel”. It is located above a wall with blue triangles on it in the ceiling (shown in photos below). In forge mode, it can be accessed easily if working with two people. Use one player to create a makeshift elevator/floating platform with a wall. Lift the other player into the ceiling to grab the skull.

Citadel Skull Location

The Citadel Skull is located down this hallway (the one with the Overshield in it), above the Blue Triangles on the wall.

Citadel Skull Location