Here is a guide to most of the Halo 3 multiplayer maps. In this guide I will be explaining good set-ups and team tactics that I have personally used and that have worked.

The first map that I will feature will be one of my personal favorite maps: The Pit.

Before the game starts, have everyone designated a role on the team. There are 4 roles on the team that would need to be filled. This also goes for any other map. Have the best sniper on the team be, well, the sniper. They are to set up on top of the Sniper Tower. Thier job is to callout anyone coming across mid-bridge (sword bridge), enemy training, custom hall, and the sword room. In addition, they need to try and neutralize the enemy using the sniper. The next best person on the team is to set up on the long hall ramp or the needles spawn. Thier job is to make sure no one pushes the empty or long hall and to aid the man in green box. And the final man on the team, and maybe one of the most important, is to stay on your training. This is a VERY important job, as they are to protect the sniper from being flanked AND calling out anyone that the sniper doesnt pick up that rushes from custom hall. Make sure that the Sniper, Rocket Launcher, and Custom Power-Up are all being grabbed by your team also, whereas one of these can set your team back a bit if they are used correctly.

The next map is another one of my favorites: Guardian. This is an asymmetrical map that featurs one sniper, invisibility, and a mauler. As in the last tip, the sniper goes to the best one shotter on the team. They are to line up on Sniper 3. While the second best on the team should be lined up in either Top Green or Top Blue ro stop the spawn of the enemy team too close to your own. One other person is to set up oin elbow and is to cover bottom green, sniper lift, and Sniper 1/Bottom mid. This person needs to be the eyes of the group, whereas if one person slips past him, it will most likely mean disaster for the entire team. The final person is to be set on Sniper 2, making sure that the enemy team is not pushing top mid and is also looking to make sure that if they do spawn in Top Gold, that they are taken care of quicky by the sniper.

Some other tips that might be really useful in team-based games are

-Team shooting. Whenever a teammate sees an enemy, put a shot into them. This could be the deciding factor in a BR batlle between them and a friendly.

-CALLOUT! Make sure that you know most of the callouts on a given map before playing. And even if you dont, point out the obvious position. (ex. if you die where the sniper spawns in MLG, [S3] make sure you tell your team that.0 Tell your team where enemies are, because bad things will happen if they are unaware.

-Know the spawns. If you're playing on The Pit, and there are people lined up on needles, platform, greenbox, and training, the other team will most likely spawn in courtyard. Be sure to tell your team if you watch someone spawn also, because more than likely, thier teammates will also spawn close by.


Stay tuned for more Halo 3 tips and tricks.