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Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps Strategies (Valhalla and Sandtrap)

Halo 3

Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps Strategies (Valhalla and Sandtrap)

Halo 3 has an incredibly diverse collection of multiplayer maps, all of them requiring different stategies and tactics to achieve victory. Here are some basics for each map to help you mercilessly crush your enemies into the dust.


Valhalla is one of the most popular maps in halo 3, and you will often encounter it when playing big team gametypes and tactical game types. A major strategy for this map is simple, KILL THE BANSHEE! this may seem obvious, but its important to take out the enemy banshee as soon as possible, or youll find yourself pinned down by a hail of plasma bolts. This can be achieved numerous ways, but the eaiest are to either grab the missile pod located in your base and lock onto it to kill it, grab your banshee and engage it air to air, or to advance to the hill that divides the map and use the spartan laser located there to blow it out of the sky. BAM. one other key strategy on this map is to USE the vehicles. Not blow them up pointlessly, not leave them sitting forlornly at the back of your base, not alow the enemy to steal them and gun you down countless times, but USE THEM! doing so will give you a great advantage over enemy infantry on the ground and allow you to put up a resistance against enemy vehicles much more easily.


Sandtrap is another great multiplayer map you will encounter in halo 3 multiplayer. On this map combat moves around quite a bit and, unlike Valhala, you never know quite where you'll spawn. Vehicles play a key role here and so do the weapons to destroy them. there is a spartan laser and missile pod located at each base which will serve you well in blowing apart warthogs and choppers. when playing on this map it is essential to stay with your team. If you don't, then every time you encounter an enemy they will be double teaming you and you won't sand a chance. Also, it is much easier to take down vehicles if you have a partner with you. When using vehicles be catious of enemys armed with anti-vehicle weaponry, and never waste a vehicle, such as driving a warthog out only to take a banshee. If you'r trying to get across the map, use mongooses. They will atract less attention and are smaller targets to fire at.


That wraps up this game guide, there will be more to follow.


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  • On Valhalla, a few key things:

    1) The Laser rules king. Have one person always one the middle hill always making sure no enemy vehicles are coming from the base.

    2) Sniper is also up there on the priority list. Give it to the best sniper on the team and have them patrol the downed pelican. This is on of the maps best sniping points, because you can see both bases fully, can provide help for the Laser weilding friendly on he hill, can see all man-cannon drop offs, and if things get hairy, theres a regenerator there too.

    3) Warthog patrol is a must if the spartan laser is aquired. Have the wathog and its gunner patrol the enemy side of the map in a systematic fashion. Doing so will result in the enemy team spawning with each other, which is easier to deal with, rather than flankers.

    4) Make sure you ALWAYS have a battle rifle as one of your weapons because its a big map.

    Thats about it. More Halo 3 tips coming.

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