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Halo 3 Multiplayer Guide

Halo 3

Halo 3 Multiplayer Guide


By MosPhat.

Do Not Leech!


Halo 3 has to be one of the top multiplayer games out there, and seems to take quite alot of skill like most multiplayer games. But some players just need some support on gaining this skill. This guide has tips to help you through Halo 3 multiplayer and never break your controllers out of rage again. 


1.Strafe!: Strafing is when you move around in the middle of combat to lead your opponent, missing their shots. Move side to side while still shooting at your opponent. When you got this down try adding more to it. Jump once in awhile while you strafe. Another move is to crouch real quickly when you strafe. This is best to do with a battle rifle, as it is much easier to aim with it. You may not win the fight but your chances are better than if you just stand there. Think about it this way, its easy to shoot a simple basketball hoop. But its more hard for someone to shoot a moving hoop. That's how your opponent will feel. 


2.Power Weapons: This one is really a no brainer in a way. Always go for the power weapons. Don't be satisfied with your default BR or AR. Think of it this way, do you think someone with a gun will beat someone with a hammer? Now there's always a chance the BR or AR "hammer" will beat the Power Weapon "Gun" but again it increases your odds of winning a battle, but remember this...ALWAYS choose the OBJECTIVE "flag, oddball, bomb" over the POWER WEAPON. You could cost your team the win if you choose the sniper and then the flag but in the end since you chose the power weapon it was too late thus the opponent stopped your flag run and now has your sniper. 


3.Learn the maps. This goes to a limit. Learn the maps you normally play. Guardian is one you should learn as it's on most of the playlists. Also find out what maps are on your favorite playlist "Team SWAT, MLG, Team Throwback, etc." try going to Bungie.net and take a look at their playlist info. Okay, so learning the map is simple, look for where the main stuff is like the power weapon locations, also look for shortcuts in the map when you're running the flag, LEARN CALLOUTS. 

Here's a site that will teach you them http://alisdair.mcdiarmid.org/stuff/callouts/ . Oh yes, google is your friend too!


4.Juggle The Objective: Unless you're trying to be more stealthy, juggle the flag! To do this just pick up and drop the flag as you run along to your base. It's hard to do at first but trust me, its simple once you get the hang of it. This doesn't just go for the flag either, it'll work on any objective. 

5.DO NOT CAMP: Do not camp! Why? Because when you camp  somewhere you risk becoming an easy target, and your camping spot will soon become swarmed by grenades,  It's okay to camp for small periods of time but if you camp for large periods you won't be very helpful or successful. The only time I'd suggest you camp is in FFA. "Free For All" Since you don't have a team you'd be moving alot.


5.Avoid Annoying Players: When you avoid a person on Xbox LIVE that player will no longer be able to match up with you in matchmaking. So if you get one of those annoying kids who just plays music through the mic or is using a2nd account, just avoid them (or you could just mute them)

6.TALK: In a game it is important to communicate with your team mates as you play. When you are in the pregame lobby, check to see if they have mic connected. If so then put yours in as well, call out and just give your support with your voice. Also inform them as where weak players are or when something spawns.

7.The Higher The Better: Staying up high, preferably with a BR, is always good. Usually the higher parts of the map are the points where you can control the map. 

8.Learn the powers of the grenade!: There are mostly consider two types of grenades, frag and sticky. Sticky is plasmas or spike grenades. Frags are regular grenades! Frags bounce off hard areas and objects, but  sink in the snow. Stickies will always stick and deal more damage. If you're unsure about a lift or hallway grenade it first :D

9.Radar!: Radars aren't only in COD! Use your radar. When you see someone walking towards you be ready, oh, and to avoid other players seeing you crouch in spots you suspect players will see you on there radar.

10.Take Breaks: Playing for hours at a time is bad for your health for one thing. But also it can decrease your hand eye coordination. So just take some breaks at times go into forge de-stress or go and do something else. Don't play it for 3 hours straight or more. 


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  • I play for longer thatn 3 hours at a time. I find it 'getting into my groove'. But also, everyone is much different. Good guide though. There are many many different types of strafes to be mastered though. Close range, mid range, long range, ghandi hop, and even the retreat strafe. They all need time and practice to perfect.

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