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    Mythic and Fog Skulls

    Mythic Skull The Mythic Skull is on the last level. Head down the regular path and about halfway there will be a cave that is to your right. Go into the cave and you...
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    Learn the Impossible

    So, you're learning to play Halo 3 huh? Well if you're truly determined to be the ultimate Halo Beast then you should learn to do the most impossible manuevers...
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    Halo 3: Setting Up

    Here is a guide to most of the Halo 3 multiplayer maps. In this guide I will be explaining good set-ups and team tactics that I have personally used and that have worked...
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    Assembly Skull

    You first must be in forge mode. Then on assembly go to the midle of the map and look at the pole things stiking out of the thing. There is a skull on one of those poles...
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    skull locations

    IRON SKULL - The “Iron Skull” is located at the very end of the first level, “Sierra 117″. It is located behind the building where Sgt. Johnson...
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