Ever wanted to be a



   In the original Grand theft auto IV there's many different and inventive ways to play through, but ever played as a Hitman??

   Suit: As "Niko Belic" you can play through the game as a secret agent or hitman, disguising himself as an ordinary "citizen" of the city. Playing as a Hitman, it's good to get all dressed up in the right "attire" from the start. Covering yourself up with a hat as well as glasses and other attire when first visiting the new city then when you have access to the Black suit, get prepared for total Assassination.  



    Weapon Choice: A good weapon for any Hitman, as well as for many easy and different ways to finish many scenarios. The trusty SNIPER. Simply having this as your primary weapon is a joy, being able to assassinate your targets from far distance gives good satisfaction. Also playing with the sniper gives a different take in the games missions sometimes being able to beat missions in a all new way.




Your secondary weapon should always be your trusty pistol (for most missions), so when in close quarters but not close enough for hand to hand, you can simply lay waste with one hit headshots, like any true hitman wouild do.


Car:  Now it's time to show your true style with a nice Black luxury car,( just as in the last mission), or of a mercedes Benz look-alike. With this you'll be able to began missions in style, as well have a high performance car with speed and durability for any objective.




So I hope you enjoy the hitman side of things, and i'll be posting "missions" for others to complete, as if i'm the informant and your working as part of an organization.

Have fun, play hard