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  • Blog Post: Here's 30 Seconds Of God Of War: Ascension Single-Player Gameplay

    Sony has released a brief clip of single-player footage from God of War: Ascension. The clip shows a calm Kratos interacting with his wife and child. The clip also shows Kratos killing lots of things, as he is known to do, so it looks he hasn't changed too much. God of War: Ascension is coming exclusively... More
  • Blog Post: A Gruesome Look At God Of War: Ascension's Furies – Megaera

    As Kratos battles to change his destiny in God Of War: Ascension, he will come up against the wrath of the Furies – terrifying spectres and oath keepers of the ancient world. Check out Sony's God Of War: Ascension trailer featuring Magaera. She's not much to look at, but she's got a... More
  • Blog Post: God of War: Ascension Concept Art Gallery

    Over the course of the God of War trilogy, is seems like Kratos killed nearly every god in existence. Our favorite Greek grump might be running out of deities to kills, but he’ll never run out of creatures to battle. Check out some of the early concept art pieces for the foes of God of War: Ascension... More
  • Blog Post: God Of War: Ascension Brutally Murders Our Doubts

    Here are a few details about God of War: Ascension that Sony left out of their E3 press conference. Sony wouldn’t give us many details about the game’s story, but we know that God of War: Ascension takes place before God of War 1. Kratos is still enslaved to Ares, but he is desperately seeking... More
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