Since Ubisoft didn't build a way to track your challenge progress, I made one to keep from going back and forth missions to figure out what I was missing.

Mission GSR Elite CT Unlock Name Task Done
Nimble Guardian 220   WC PKP LMG Field of Fire Kill five or more enemies with a single burst from a LMG



TC UBSG Express Train During the ambush at the cog rail station, kill all soldiers in 60 seconds  
Bolivia No Witnesses Don’t leave any witnesses alive in Paez’s HQ  
Ace of Diamonds Execute 10 headshots while in diamond formation  
Subtle Arrow 330   WC PSL-54C Overwatch Eliminate 10 enemies using a sniper rifle without moving  
TC Flash Hider Protector Complete the mission without causing any civilian casualties  
Zambia Secure the Camp Eliminate all of the soldiers who have taken control of the refugee camp  
Steely Gaze Kill 10 enemies while in Magnetic view  
Noble Tempest 290   WC SR-3M PDR Five Shot Make five consecutive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR  
TC Drum Magazine Fast Mover Go through the village in under 60 seconds without any civilians dying  
Nigeria Clear the Pitch Eliminate all of the mercs playing soccer without raising the alarm  
No Blood No Foul Infiltrate the outpost, retrieve the data, & extract without raising the alarm  
Tiger Dust 240   WC AK-200 Body Count Kill 8 enemies in under 30 seconds while using an assault rifle  
TC Option 2 stocks Clean Kills Assault the HQ and take out the hostiles without any misses  
Peshawar Killer Pursuit Destroy every enemy vehicle during the chopper gunride  
Bird in the Air  On Elite difficulty, take out the enemy RPG before your chopper gets shot down  
Silent Talon 200   WC RMB-93 Shotgunner With a shotgun, take out 3 enemies using exactly 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max  
TC Dual Magazines Release the Hound Use the Warhound to kill at least 75% of the enemies during the mission  
Arctic Group Shot Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Warhound mortar round  
Silent Talon Eliminate both enemy choppers without losing a squadmate  
Firefly Rain 280   WC PP19 SMG Efficient Fire Use an SMG to take out 10 enemies without stopping to reload  
TC Smoke GL Make Them Count Finish the mission using less than 50 rounds of ammo  
Airfield Ghost Escape Once the objective’s complete, extract without being shot down  
On Board Clean On Elite difficulty, sabotage the equipment less then 20 minutes after insertion  
Ember Hunt 260   WC Type 95 LMG Tight Burst Take down five enemies with an LMG while firing non-stop  
TC Dragon’s Breath No Safe Distance Steathily kill all Russian riflemen assaulting the house  
Dagestan Neckbreaker Kill 40 enemies by snapping their necks  
Death From Above Kill all the snipers and RPGs during your escape  
Deep Fire 250   WC AN-94 Rifle Master Kill 8 enemies in under 30 seconds while using an assault rifle  
TC AP Ammo Undetected Reach the drilling ship entrance without killing any guards  
Norwegian Sea Roger Dodger Once the timer has started, make it to the control room in under two minutes  
Wrecker Destroy all enemy vehicles during the gunride  
Valiant Hammer 225   WC MTs-255 Shotgun Shotgun Master With a shotgun, take out 3 enemies using exactly 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max  
TC High Power Scope Ghostly Recon On Veteran difficulty, reach the observation point without alerting any enemies  
Caucasus Engraved Rack up kills on all enemy snipers in the cemetery without being shot  
Innovative Diversity You squad must kill enemies with at least 15 different weapons  
Gallant Thief 260   WC PP2000 SMG Up the Ante Take down 12 enemies using a SMG without reloading  
TC Gripod Quigley Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet  
Siberia Hands On Reach the canteen without firing a weapon  
Secret Service On Elite diificulty, find President Volodin inside the prison in under 2 minutes  
Invisible Bear 200   WC VSS Sniper Rifle Master Sniper Using a sniper rifle, kill 15 consecutive enemies without any misses  
TC Raufoss Ammo Dodge the Dot Avoid being taken out by a sniper during the mission  
Moscow Clean Sweep Clear General Bukharov’s room in under 20 seconds  
Disruptor Kill at least 10 Bodark while they are under the effects of an EMP  
Shattered Mountain 225   WC SA58 OSW PDR Personal Offense Make 5 consecutive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR  
TC Fixed Stock Swamp Fox On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected  
Dacha Countdown Kill all of the high-value targets in the farm area in under 3 seconds  
HVT Intercept the two fleeing HVTs in under 6 minutes  


The Ghost Skill Rating is a rating system for each Campaign Mission. The Score is used for completing one Challenge and unlocking two achievement / trophies. They are Qualified and Good Enough for Government Work.

The Ghost Skill Rating is based on seven factors:

  • Silenced Kills (2)
  • CQB Kills (3)
  • Sync Shots (2 per enemy)
  • Accuracy (1 point per percent)
  • Headshots (1 point)
  • Civilian Casualties (-20)
  • Campaign Difficulty (50, 75, 100)

Each level has a required amount of points to equal 100 ghost rating each level and it's requirements are as follows:

  •     Mission 1 "Nimble Guardian": 220 Points
  •     Mission 2 "Subtle Arrow": 330 Points
  •     Mission 3 "Noble Tempest" 290 Points
  •     Mission 4 "Tiger Dust 240 Points
  •     Mission 5 "Silent Talon" 200 Points
  •     Mission 6 "Firefly Rain" 280 Points
  •     Mission 7 "Ember Hunt" 260 Points
  •     Mission 8 "Deep Fire" 250 Points
  •     Mission 9 "Valiant Hammer" 225 Points
  •     Mission 10 "Gallant Thief" 260 Points
  •     Mission 11 "Invisible Bear" 200 Points
  •     Mission 12 "Shattered Mountain" 225 Points

Ghost Skill Rating information taken from IGN's GRFS Wiki Guide.