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  • Blog Post: Fuse Review: Isolated Systems

    Fuse has had a tortured development cycle. Beginning as Overstrike 9, it presented a campy shooter with lighthearted overtones. Developer Insomniac Games then opted to take its first multiplatform release in a new direction, one with a grim new take on things, changing the name from Overstrike 9 to Fuse... More
  • Blog Post: Um...

    Even with the 8.25 ratting I'm still up in the air with this game it looks like it will have some good points in the game, game play could be juat a little better its hard for games like this to really make a splash in the shooter/adventure world but who knows Fuse could be wicked awesome. More
  • Blog Post: Fuse

    I want to state first off that, while I did not enjoy Fuse nearly as much as Dan and Reiner seemed to have during their playthrough together, I did not loathe or hate it nearly as much as some of my cohorts have, so I therefore lie somewhere in the middle between the two parties. Fuse is yet another... More
  • Blog Post: Not to bad, not great either.

    Being a fan of Insomniac, I was pretty excited going in. My recent experience with Insomniac was of course Resistance 3, which left me totally disappointed. I read a few reviews on here which almost led me to just return it, but I decided to give it a shot. On to the game review: Story: The games story... More
  • Blog Post: FUSE : A game for friends

    I really enjoyed Fuse. Me and my friend played through its campaign and enjoyed its story. Its story is a little generic but it definitely had its laughs thanks mostly to its protagonist Dalton who reminds me of Snow from Lockout (2012 Film). The game has you starting off like any regular third person... More
  • Blog Post: Fuse - Complete Disaster

    I just got done with this 5 hour game after picking it up from a midnight release. This is one of the most generic, forgettable third person shooters of this generation. Not a single ounce of creativity or fun comes from this game. The story is laughably forgettable, with characters whose names you won't... More
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