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How to take good free kicks!


How to take good free kicks!


Hello friends! I'm going to try to explain to you how you can make your free kicks lethal for your opponents. First, you have to know the distance. There are two techniques I use when taking free kicks and one technique that I always use. The one I always is one where you always press up in the analog stick or in the D-pad (Depends with what you use to move the players) while your shot is charging of before. That will make the ball go up the barrier and then down so you could have more possibilities of scoring. The second one depends on the distance. If your distance is below 27 yards you just shoot with the technique I mention and not pressing anything else. And if your distance is above 27 yards or you simple want your shot to be more powerful you must hold down L1/LB button. This will make the ball go much faster as if the player was hitting the ball harder. There is a catch. The power meeter is divided by 4 bars. L1 shots usually go really close to the grass and you need to get it over 2.7/3 bars of power in order to get the ball up in the air. If you do that and your holding up the analog stick as I said, the shot will have a lot of power and will go down like a bomb making it harder for the goalkeeper to catch it. That is the technique I use to score from free kicks! Hope it helped in something!