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  • Blog Post: Less terrifying, yet less monotonous.

    Fans of the original FEAR remember the chilling and tense story involving Point Man and Alma. They also remember the vanilla set pieces that bogged down the intensity of the gameplay as well, along with the expansions which made the series take a most laughable turn for the absurd and ridiculous. FEAR... More
  • Blog Post: Some Scary stuff

    This game is crazy good random things poping out in the very beginning catching you off guard very amazing game i recommend u play for the first time during the day lol. More
  • Blog Post: F.E.A.R 2 Project Origins PS3

    I have been reluctant to play this game after completing the first game with some dissappointment, however I think that the graphics are much better, the game controls are smoother, & as usual creepy as heck. I think it's a good game but not one I will ever play multiplayer online, the story... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing story with crappy ending

    This game fricken rocks. it is very scary and one of the greatest parts of the game is stepping into the ruined city. The ending i crap and makes no sense though, but other than that buy it or at least rent it because the multiplayer is kinda lame to. More
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