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  • Blog Post: Tracing And Erasing Trips Up Mickey’s Platforming Rhythm

    Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion has all the right ingredients on paper. It’s a spiritual sequel to the beloved Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse for Sega Genesis. It’s developed by DreamRift, the creators of the innovative yet flawed Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure and Monster... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion's Confirmed Cameos

    Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion has no qualms with venturing outside of Mickey's close circle of friends to pull in all kinds of characters from a variety of Disney universes. If my first few hours with the game are any indication, Power of Illusion could be rivaling Kingdom Hearts in terms of Disney... More
  • Blog Post: Mixing Old And New Disney Game Design

    Whether you love the old 2D Disney games of the 80s and 90s, or you became a fan with Epic Mickey, Power of Illusion is aiming to please. We got to sit down for an extended hands-on session with the upcoming 3DS Power of Illusion game during E3, and came away impressed with the way the game is mixing... More
  • Blog Post: Screenshots Of Epic Mickey On 3DS

    Our first glimpse of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion didn't reveal much, but these new screenshots clearly demonstrate that the game is taking some inspiration from classic Mickey games like Castle of Illusion. As if the visual proof wasn't enough, a press release from Disney confirms the setting... More
  • Blog Post: Creative Director Sheds Light On Painting Gameplay And More

    We had the chance to chat with Peter Ong, co-founder of DreamRift and creative director of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. The promising new 2D Mickey game is both a spiritual successor to 16-bit Sega Genesis game Castle of Illusion and fits into the Wasteland universe of Epic Mickey. We picked Peter’s... More
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