This is why I love the Game Informer reviewing staff so much.  They are and always have been hardcore gamers, and so they understand why games like this are so valuable to us.  Go take a look at the IGN or GameSpot reviews if you can....they both dislike the game.  Why?  Because they "didn't do enough new things with it", and because they didn't change the gameplay. 

What's the title of the game?  DuckTales: REMASTERED.  What does remastered mean?  "Remaster (and its derivations, frequently found in the phrases digitally remastered or digital remastering) refers to quality enhancement of sound and/or picture to a previously existing recording."

That's exactly what this game does!!!  Remastering says nothing about changing the core elements of the game, and I am so grateful that Game Informer gets this and understands the beauty of it.

So thank you, Game Informer, for giving us a review of a game with the mindset of a hardcore gamer trying to relive the glory days of playing his/her NES at the crack of dawn still in his/her pajamas.  Thank you.