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  • Blog Post: What the hell is a dogma

    Dragon's Dogma is the game I always wanted to play. You combine the fun progression part of rpgs and strategy in them but add incredible combat unlike regular rpgs. Basicly it is dmc combat. That is how deep it is, I never ever thought I would ever be ppulling off combos in an rpg. The loot is also... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing game,Dragon dogma.

    This is one of the best rpg games out there its as good as skyrim and in combat,gameplay its better. This game has been underrated but as you can tell if you play it yourself your like what a master piece but few problems. The main goal in this game is to aquire your heart back as when its it riped right... More
  • Blog Post: Fantastic

    (Story Time) I had my money down on Ghost Recon when I saw Dragon's Dogma. I went through videos of both and I decided on Dragon's Dogma.(End of story time) With all of that said let's discuss the pro's; very hard, fantastic combat, fairly good combat, good enough story. It's quite... More
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