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  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Origins Game Review

    Dragon Age: Origins was one of my favorite games when it came out. The game presented a huge, detailed world with plenty of lore and branching story line based on choices your character made. There was a good deal of replay value to it and it was one of the more entertaining titles to come out in a long... More

    when i picked up mass effect 2 i was totally blown away. it was by far one of the best games i have ever played. and the first mass effect didnt dissapoint either. so that was 2 for 2. i was totally impressed with bioware games that i had played up to that point. i was so impressed by their games i had... More
  • Blog Post: Good Game

    Dragon Age: Origins is a pretty decent game but I do have some dragon bones to pick with it. First of all the large battles in the game sucked because after killing a wave it would take 2 min. for the next one to bust threw. This problem made the finale battle against the Dark Spawn just a waiting game... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age Impresses

    I remember why I used to put my trust in Bioware in the first place the moment I played Dragon Age: Origins. I was Immediatley immersed in a well written and Original plot that I myself enjoyed very much. The Twist when you and and the two others begin the initiation ceremony set me off on an epic adventure... More
  • Blog Post: 'Origins' is Just the Beginning

    ~~Spoiler Free~~ PS3 Version Dragon Age: Origins is not a game for the weak gamer or the impatient. I have finished the game clocking in just a hair under 40 hours and I ignored all side quests on my first play through. So if you’re a slower gamer expect to spend a substantial portion of your holiday... More
  • Blog Post: Where to begin and Where to end?

    First off let me preface with saying that I own the 360 version, that is what this review is based upon and does not reflect the PC version at all. I have not even seen anything about the PC version and I frankly don't care, as I'm not ever going to use my PC for gaming. Now, Dragon Age: Origins... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Origins - Review

    Score: 8.5/10 (9/10 for PC) Dragon Age: Origins PC/Xbox 360/PS3 Developer: Bioware Publisher: EA Release Date: Nov 3, 2009 Pros: Incredible Replay Value, Interesting Story and Characters, Unique experience for each player, Strategic Combat that varies upon party members, +40 hours of content Cons: Slight... More
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