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  • Blog Post: Dishonored - The Power of Player Freedom

    Player choice and freedom is an idea many video games try desperately to capture. Ultimately, the vast majority fail, instead only offering brief glimpses of what a game could be like if it truly let you play it your way. Dishonored is not one of those games. In the dark, steam punk, rat plague ridden... More
  • Blog Post: Dishonored Review: A Whale of a Time

    The tale of revenge is a classic one, going as far back to the depressing Hamlet to the less than modern The Crow . Dishonored weaves a similar story, and much like the latter from above, is best told with murderous intent. Choice is becoming a new hallmark in games, giving players a greater sense of... More
  • Blog Post: Successful Ad Campaign, Underwhelming Game

    I was excited for Dishonored. I pre-ordered it, and played through it as soon as I got it. It took me longer than most to complete it, but that's because I scoured its universe as thoroughly as I could in search of some sort of inspiration, something I could sink my teeth into. Instead, I was thoroughly... More
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