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Overrated. . .

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  • I just completed DMC today, and I must say that I'm quite disappointed.  Sure, it's pretty, the combat is fun, the platforming is fun- but the gameplay in and of itself is mindless and repetitive.  You move on from one sprawling area to the next, dispatching teams of monsters that teleport from nowhere as you go.  Yes the effects experienced in Limbo- earthquakes, things reshaping themselves, pulling yourself to objects and pulling objects to you, are all quite cool.  But there is really no place to go but forward in DMC, which is what turned me off to the game.  You never have to think about where to go next, and there is little to no exploration involved- oh, I got a gold key!  Cool, wonder what's behind this secret door I can open it with- oh, a time trial segment!  Neato!  Aaaand that's it. 

    This game is simply a hack n slash on rails filled with repetitive segments that mirror the last fight you were in, just with different weapons (which you get for free during/at the end of missions without having to put any effort in at all).   Each mission is separated by a cutscene- so it's basically just "mission, cutscene, mission, cutscene".  

    The demonic castle in the original Devil May Cry, and the tower in Devil May Cry 3- those were awesome places to explore and they provided a feeling that you were traversing an actual environment.  Putting all the gameplay into Limbo for this new DMC and making the environments so big and linear just made the entire experience feel fake and forced to me.  It was pretty to look at along the way but just didn't feel convincing- maybe it was because the size of everything else in relation to Dante- I dunno.

    Reviewers applaud Limbo as an awesome and original design, but I think it is what ruins this game.  It is a shame because I like the new style they have invoked- Dante's new look is cool and I enjoy the steam punk vibe.  The story is interesting (I like the idea of the demon king controlling humankind through things like energy drinks and news shows), and the world is great but by forcing me to adhere to a straight path through Limbo to the final boss, I feel like I was robbed of experiencing it.  Limbo to me was a poor design and gameplay choice, and I hope they really rethink their level design and how to progress the story for the next DMC, if there is one.  

    It was okay for one playthrough, but I probably won't visit this game again.  Kind of sad.  I do give them a +1 for trying though- and it has motivated me to get the Devil May Cry HD Collection so I can revisit the old masterpieces, so it's not all bad.   

  • If we think this game comparing it with the Others Devil May Cry probably, we won't like it,  let's try think this game how a new game when it doesn't have any influences of the othe Dmc Games, the Game have good graphics, a good story and new characters the game is good, the final I found a little forced. Sorry for My English, I'm from Brazil

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