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Too much platforming?

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  • I don't know if I'm on the minority on this but I've found that there is too much jumping around to get through the stages. I'm on Mission 18 and feel that the level design is too dependent on using the hooks & jumping all over the place to get from one place to another in the game. I checked the 'traversal' stats on the game and it said I had over 1000 jumps...!!??....a little too much perhaps? I like the game but between that and the lack of bosses those are my only 2 major gripes on the game.

    There's no reason we should kill each other....that's the only sensible answer, isn't it!!??

  • The game really is a little cloying.The game's scenary repeat many times, and the lack of bosses really bother, I like the game, but I think The game is not as coll as the other Devil May Cry's games. Sorry for My English I'm from Brazil

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