Deus EX Minimum Casualty Ghost Walk through Pt 1

Let me be honest here, this is based purely on the leaked build of the game, therefore any and all things may change before the actual release.

You have just started the game and watched a wonderful intro starring some corporate big-shot in a meeting that has a strong "Minority Report" Vibe. This game has many of these visual connections, including other great films, such as "Bladerunner" and "Ghost in the Shell". I will not get into too much detail about the beginning scenario, simply for the fact that is straight forward and you are not, as of yet, augmented. Options at this point are (in my opinion) quit limited, and as such you will find yourself jumping from cover to cover and gunning down whatever mercs are coming your way. It is not until after this extended intro is concluded that we will actually come to find the meat of this game. Choice...

Also I will cover side missions at the same pace that I have tackled them in the game, most will be when our skills are upgraded slightly for that "edge". This would be a good time to state, that this walk through is focusing on the "Ghost" mission rewards, which means that we will try to complete the main objectives with stealth. If we happen to be seen, or worse set off alarms, we will automatically re-load (so save regularly). Guards may become suspicious of our actions, which will reflect on our radar as the color yellow, but if it turns red, we have forfeited the end reward. In addition, hacking is a very important addition to our arsenal, and as such, we will be investing into it early.

Once we return to duty after the initial events, we are informed of a hostage situation at a factory owned by our boss. Well, since we barely have had time to recuperate 6 months after the life threatening procedures, our skills are still low. Luckily the first level is absolutely perfect for what we want to accomplish. Head to the roof after our meeting and talk to the pilot waiting for us. Make sure that we want to go humane and long range when asked. That way we get a sniper rifle and a long range tranq gun. Soon we find ourselves on a roof-top with some S.W.A.T. officers. Head through the door, and establish a great habit early by checking the lockers and looting what we can carry. Continue through the next door where we find ourselves on the other side of the fence, still on the same roof. Ignore Pritchard best you can, don't get me wrong, he is helpful. I just do not like him on principle. See the roof across from us? Get there. From here I suggest to head shot the dork walking around underneath us. The XP for a silent/human/head-shot take down equals about 40xp, and considering the amount of xp we get per mob/objective we wants them bad! Unlike what the videos may suggest after going down and looting the sleeping beauty, there is no danger of discovery. So let the snoozers stay where he lies, unless you want to RP a bit, then by all means have at it. Down the alley you will notice a stack of crates and what looks like ramps going up the right hand wall. That is our new target.

You may need to move one of the boxes so we can jump/climb up it. But, once we are up we are golden. i suggest leaving the guards that are down on the ground level alone. In my attempt I never got a open shot at one guard without alerting the others, but we are by-passing them anyway. Continue to the roof (yet again) where we will find water that has had an electric line placed/fallen into it. Luckily if we look by the transformer right next to us, we can glimpse a path underneath some rubble. Move it and crawl through, the 100xp for "traveler" will be something we frequently will collect throughout this game. On the other end there will be a power switch, turn it off and we can move past this obstacle. Once through we can continue unabated by the electric obstacle, a little further we will see our best friend, the vent.

Become intimately familiar, because over the course of this game, we will run in and out of just about every vent we see (and some we could easily miss). Once inside drop down on the stack of boxes. The easiest approach to this room, I have found, is to turn around and go down the ladder in the corner. Always stay crouched, and use the hug/cover technique. The guards patrol a little but at most there will be one or two we need to watch for at a time. Follow the outskirts of the room north, then west to another ladder leading up. So far so good. At the top of this ladder there is another Vent behind us, make sure to stay crouching. To be able to jump into the Vent we will need a crate, lo and behold, there is one available not five feet away.

Once inside follow the vent through the left branch, over the three guards, followed by heading down the right hand side. When you escape the cramped vent you will find yourself in a hallway, continue towards our goal (make sure not to go through the metal detector, duh) where you will be introduced to the hacking mini game. At first it seems a little daunting with timers and counter hacks by the security. But once you realize that you have better chances of not setting off the security by following the linked systems that follow solid lines and not setting the defense on your home node (in my experience it is guaranteed to set off security). I would also like to point out that the nodes that will set off the timer can, and will, vary each attempt. If it seems that you will not complete the hack before the red line reaches your home node, abandon the hack, otherwise you are looking at an alarm going off that will call every shmuck in the area down on you.

Once we are through the door we find ourselves in a small sterilization room. After a small wait, we enter another large room with multiple guards. The hostages are in a room on the far side, and being the good guy, we will try to save them. At first it seems like a god idea to just sneak across the room while the guards are talking about someone off-ing someone else, but if you enter the room you will set of a poison bomb that even with a successful disarm hack, will kill all of them. We want the opposite effect. So, from where we first enter the room go down the stairs to our right. Behind/underneath the stairwell there is a box, and behind that box? You guessed it, a vent. Enter and follow the path it presents, up the ladder and back over the room. Eventually we will come out behind the desk in the hostage room. Still crouching right? Here we can try to disarm that chem bomb. After being successful the doorways are safe again. Sneak back across the room towards where we entered the vent originally, or if you prefer since, you can always just follow the vent back to the original area from the room. Be careful about going to the hallway, there is a guard that patrols the room which has a clear visual if he is facing the right way. in addition a guard likes to rifle through one of the desks that face where we need to proceed to.

Once in the hallway be mindful of the camera around the corner, time to pull a "Solid Snake", hide underneath the cam until it is looking in the direction we just came from and book it. A little further we find ourselves in another large room full of guards. The layout does not give us a lot of room to maneuver, except for the far right side behind all of the desks and equipment. Just be mindful of the patrols and vision of the guards, you will make it across to the other elevator. There are not many chances to take down one of them without getting the others all uppity, so I suggest you just handle it with stealth. Also take note that enemy guards can and will see you while you open the elevator door and enter it. Remember if that radar turns red, no ghost bonus at the end of our mission. We are almost to our goal. Once we are out of the elevator you will see a little present in front of us, get it. Our next goal is a vent sticking out a little from behind a box, in addition there is a camera further down the hallway that will spot you if you give it half a chance. Our task is to get to the vent, push the box a little out of the way so it continues to be our cover and open the vent at the same time to get our butts out of line of sight. Success? Then well done.

Follow the Vent through the only short way it leads. As you come out notice that big turret that would have cleaned our clock had we let that camera scope us? The door is right in front of us, enter..we deserve it. Flash through another little story break (Now that totally gave a GitS vibe) and we find our self tasked with finding the leader of this little hate group. Exit through the other door and hit the elevator. Did your radar flash red?!?!?!? What did I tell you, reload! Nah, I'm just kidding, this is unavoidable but it also does not count against you. Reason is the troops fighting underneath the glass bridge you are crossing. Follow the staircases up and be mind full of the top landing. Two guards are hanging out, so use the crates on the right hand side until they start moving. Best tactic I have found, soon as they start walking down the corridors, crouch run and follow one of the two (prob the one going straight) and use a melee take down. From here quietly move behind the other guard and drop him also, after your energy refills anyway. There are other guards around so stay low and quiet. Take the stairs down to the next area. What have we here?... yet another room with about four patrols. Same as all the others except here working down the left hand side will be easier. Once through there is another stairwell we are going to climb. At the top it is an office and inside our target. There are a few ways to go about this, I myself talked him down with a mix of empathy and truth. In so doing, not only do I earn a contact from him later, but the woman's husband also rewards me after the mission. If, on the other hand, you feel this guy deserves a swift beating, by all means take em out. Either way once the matter is resolved head up through the exit an unto the roof. Tada! mission complete and you should have two upgrade points, perhaps even close to three depending on how many guards you took out on the side. Small side note, you will have the chance to buy two more points very soon, so we have a little more room to play. I suggest getting at least a strength upgrade for moving large containers, also a running silent or even a small invisibility (although we won't use it very often). hacking is another worthwhile talent to upgrade a little. Whichever you decide the first mission was a smashing success....stay tuned for my next installment where we hit a couple side spots and then try to sneak into the police station.

Maddox out.