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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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  • Blog Post: One Last Prelaunch Look At Adam Jensen's Plight

    One of the main themes in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the balance between humanity and technology. In the game's 2027 world, science has allowed people to enhance their natural abilities via implanted augmentations. These can make the average person faster or stronger, provided they have the cash...
  • Blog Post: Deus Ex Video Dev Diary Explains Audio Design

    The gentlemen behind the new Deus Ex's audio, from the musical score to the weapon sounds and voice acting, star in this video look at the many soundscapes of Square Enix's upcoming sci-fi adventure. I would never have thought to give Human Revolution a more natural, organic-sounding audio landscape...
  • Blog Post: See A Sneaky CyberPete In Action

    As we learned in the game's last developer diary , Deus Ex: Human Revolution poses a few serious philosophical questions. When a person's limbs and organs can be replaced and augmented on a whim, where does one's humanity begin and end? What responsibility does science have in these situations...
  • Blog Post: The Problem Of Augmentation In Deus Ex

    First, let's assume that people are fine with installing cybernetic implants that require taking drugs the rest of your life. Second, let's also assume that those implants are controlled by a mega-corporation, and it doesn't have your best interests at heart. Welcome to Deus Ex! This unsettling...
  • Blog Post: Flexibility Is Key On The Battlefield

    The original Deus Ex was lauded for how it allowed players to explore JC Denton's dystopian world their own way, whether that meant taking a stealthy approach or running through situations with guns blazing. Eidos' upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution is following course, as a new dev diary...
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