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  • Blog Post: Bungie To Live Stream Destiny: The Taken King’s Court Of Oryx Tomorrow

    Eris Morn is always the bearer of bad news. First it was Crota she was warning us about. Now it’s his dear old dad, Oryx. Tomorrow brings the third live stream leading up to the September 15 launch of Destiny’s biggest expansion yet, The Taken King. The Court of Oryx is an endgame mode that... More
  • Blog Post: Flawed Structure, Engrossing Action

    Great expectations have followed Destiny since its announcement. As the latest brainchild from the Halo creators at Bungie, the game has garnered a level of anticipation only exceeded by the massive hype machine that declares its not-to-be-missed potential. Bungie’s new game is not as gigantic... More
  • Blog Post: First Impressions Of The Final Game

    Destiny is a big game, and the servers only opened up yesterday morning. Much as I’d like to offer a final score and full evaluation, there’s no way to fully evaluate all the game zones, the competitive multiplayer, three distinct classes, and hours of solo and cooperative gameplay after... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Celebrates The Destiny Community & Level 20+ Players

    Bungie has unveiled another weekly Q&A, and in it the developer talks beta nameplates, special badges, high-ranking adventures, and more. The developer revealed that beta nameplates will be given out for those that participated, and Bungie community members can also earn special badges for their... More
  • Blog Post: Tron Legacy Director Helms Destiny Live Action Trailer

    I was wondering when we were going to see another Bungie live action trailer. It’s been a long time since the Jon Favreau-directed “ The Law of the Jungle ” trailer that was released in May 2013. Now, less than a week before Destiny arrives on store shelves, we have something a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Officially Complete, Pours Ice Over Head In Celebration (And For Charity)

    Destiny's discs are being pressed as you read this. Also, a Destiny Guardian takes part in the ALS ice bucket challenge. Destiny has gone gold – which means it's done. Bungie is still working on the game, obviously, with DLC and the assorted tweaks that will arrive after the game releases... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Launch Trailer Taunts Us Three Weeks Early

    Activision has big hopes for Destiny, and CEO Bobby Kotick has promised it will be the biggest new IP launch in gaming history . We don’t know if it will break that record yet, but today it may just have set one for the earliest launch trailer relative to release. Destiny is due on September 9... More
  • Blog Post: That Wizard Came From... Venus?

    Today, publisher Activision released a new trailer for Bungie’s upcoming MMO-shooter-RPG Destiny. The new gameplay video sees the playable Guardians battling robotic enemies and more familiar faces on the war-torn ruins of the planet Venus. The new environment of Venus combines vast open stretches... More
  • Blog Post: Mars Is Your Playground In New Destiny Trailer

    The red planet has long held Man's imagination, and in Destiny its red sands will run with blood. This quick trailer gives you a taste of the gameplay, vehicles, and enemies. For more on the game, check out this other recent trailer . Destiny comes out on September 9 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Platforms Beta Gets Release Date As Well As Special Edition Information Announced

    Coming off the heels of a successful alpha run, Bungie and Activision have outlined the special editions and announced a release date for the beta on Microsoft platforms. The beta will be coming to Xbox One and 360 on July 23. PlayStation platforms will have access to the beta on July 17 with the beta... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie's Jason Jones Gives You A 7-Minute Destiny Walkthrough

    In this new video, the head of Bungie himself demos over seven minutes of awesome gameplay footage. While we'd be happy just to have a trailer this long, it's even cooler that it's narrated by Bungie founder Jason Jones. More
  • Blog Post: Survive The Crucible – Destiny’s Competitive Multiplayer

    Bungie gave us the opportunity to dig into the new public alpha of Destiny last week, in advance of E3. If you’re interested in reading some more about my day with the game, you can explore my hands-on impressions . However, that day also resulted in a couple hours of hands-on play with the new... More
  • Blog Post: A Day With Destiny

    I was afforded a rare treat the week before E3, as Bungie granted me access to the new public alpha test of Destiny, and the freedom to wander through the game world for as much time as I desired leading up to this week’s show. Unlike previous hands-on sessions I’ve experienced with the game... More
  • Blog Post: Exploring The Last Safe City

    Destiny is barreling toward its summer beta and fall release, and we have a feeling it will be a focus for Activision at E3. Before we get to Los Angeles though, Bungie is giving us another look at the game in action. This trailer gives us a brief look at Guardian class abilities, ultimate powers, and... More
  • Blog Post: A Closer Look At Bungie's Armor, Weapons, And Loot

    Collecting loot isn't just for RPGs anymore. Bungie's new shooter Destiny features an endless sea of collectible armor, weapons, and other gadgets that should keep you busy for a long time. Get a quick rundown of the gear you can hunt down when the game comes out in this developer diary. Want... More
  • Blog Post: Bevy Of Screens Showcase Gameplay

    After a visit to Bungie earlier this month, today brought the opportunity to share our hands-on impressions of Destiny’s three classes, a look at five features that help define Destiny , and a brand new lengthy gameplay video showcasing cooperative play. We’re closing out our day of Destiny... More
  • Blog Post: Five Features That Help Define Bungie's Shooter

    Our Destiny cover story from this January explored the top-level features that make up Destiny, but our time with direct experience in the game was limited. We had another chance this month to investigate the game through a couple hours of hands-on time. The sequence we played took us to Earth and a... More
  • Blog Post: Explore The Devils' Lair Cooperative Strike

    Our visit to Bungie this month included the opportunity to tackle several playthroughs of the Devils’ Lair strike, a newly revealed cooperative mission set in Old Russia on Earth. The mission has players infiltrating a Fallen stronghold in order to confront the exalted servitor named Sepicks Prime... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With The Three Classes

    We already had an introduction to each of Destiny’s classes and character progression when we visited Bungie for our January cover story. We returned to Bungie headquarters this month for an extensive period of hands-on with Destiny. I played one of the cooperative strikes, and had a chance to... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie's Official Destiny Website Updates With New Images And Video

    Bungie's official Destiny website has gotten a large update adding all kinds of video content to the site. You can head here to take a look , just make sure you have an updated browser. The new videos aren't in trailer form, but are instead split into little sequences spread throughout the updated... More
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