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Demon's Souls solutions

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  • Alright I understand that there are probably a load of help threads strewn through out the web, but I'm planting a small mini guide for those who tend to come here to read up on Demon's Souls.

    For new players after beating your first boss, your going to want to beef up what ever stats that is going to raise your atk, and equipment burden(ie str, dex, magic, and endurance) doing this will help u thru stages 1-2 and 1-3 for now, you want to also level up stats that will build your item burden(how much u can carry) if you dont wanna use your hercules ring(ring that raises the weight limit for items in your inventory). You wanna make sure u do this before u go into the stonefang tunnels, you will be picking up loads of stones, as well as some decent equipment(if u want to keep it). In 2-1 after you get the elevators moving u can actually start upgrading better weapons plus there is a vendor that sells shards of hardstones, and shards of sharpstones, which can be used at blacksmith ed when u get the second elevator running...

    more to come if you would like to add...


    BTW for new players that tend to get this game because their friends said get it its awesome! be aware this game is freaking hard, if your not prepared for it...my advice is once u kill ur first boss, farm souls in 1-1 learn to kill the redeye knight, find a pretty place to die(ie somewhere that u can easily get to without dying again) grab your souls and repeat, i did this plenty of times was able to go from lvl 9(started as a wanderer) to lvl 19 or 22 in a matter of 2 hours. be asured this game is not impossible, just difficult, it takes an adaptive characteristic of your own mental abilities to play this game....it is not cut and dry hack and slash, u have to evolve and adapt your strategies to get past certain areas, if this doesnt make sense, just play the game u will understand all soon enough...HAPPY GAMING!

  • ADD!

    Throughout the game you will pick up soldiers souls and other souls crystals that will be stored in your inventory. DO NOT USE THESE! wait to use these when u get them, especially if you die and lose souls a lot! you can hold onto these when you need to repair equipment, or realize you need that extra boost to get your level when ur short just a few souls. I have realized that holding onto these things make repairing so much easier, especially if you have just died twice after going into a heavily attacking area(ie 2-2 with all those lizardmen with pickaxes those things hurt) going back to nexus use maybe 2 unnamed soldiers souls and u have 400 souls easy, so be frugal with your soul crystals, and keep them for rainy day repairs and soul boost for leveling!


  • do you still play it or still play on PS3? because I need some help with the trophies.

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