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  • Blog Post: Defiance: An MMO Co-op Shooter With Perks And Flaws

    Trion has finally released its long-in-development MMO shooter, Defiance, which coexists alongside the SyFy cable series of the same name. Though it's not the first shooter we've seen with a massively multiplayer infrastructure, Defiance offers two things you can't find elsewhere: console... More
  • Blog Post: Fortune And Glory Await Ark Hunters In New Story Trailer

    It's easy to mistake MMOs for a series of unrelated fetch quests, but the good ones have an interesting story to tell. Defiance is an ambitious project, combining a new SyFy television series with Trion Worlds' open-world, persistent shooter. The story needs to be balanced and complete enough... More
  • Blog Post: See The Future In Defiance Trailer

    Trion's upcoming shooter/MMO is playable on 360, PS3, and PC. Check out the teaser trailer within. Trion is trying a couple of innovate ideas in its upcoming game, Defiance. First, the game will have 360, PS3, and PC players together on the same servers, working together to conquer the game's... More
  • Blog Post: Multiplatform Shooter MMO Announced

    Trion Worlds made waves with its debut product, Rift. Following up on that MMORPG's success, the company is creating another massively multiplayer game at its internal San Diego studio -- but Defiance is anything but a traditional MMO. This multiplatform shooter that ties into an upcoming SyFy television... More
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