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Dead Space: Extraction Blog Guidelines
  • a one day thrill-light ride

    this game is a prequel to the dead spce one than came out on the xbox 360 and ps3. its goes as a on rails shooter and seems exeptional. graphics are exellent for a wii game, the only thins is that i didnt jump once while playing this game and i beat it... More
  • A headache inducing trip back to the ishumura.

    Mabye it is because I have grown up in the era of the FPS and the TPS (Third-Person-Shooter), but Dead space extraction was my first experience with a on rails first person shooter, and I slightly regret even renting this one. Dead space is a I.P that... More
  • Cleril Reviews: Dead Space: Extraction

    Dead Space: Extraction is a prequel to the original game, Dead Space. The main differences between the two games, besides this one being a prequel, is that it's on the Wii, and it is a rail shooter. Both games still stick to their horror roots though... More
  • Dead Space: Extraction Wii User Review

    For those of you looking for a great prequel to the Xbox 360 and PS3's smash hit Dead Space I regret to inform you that you will be disappointed. Dead Space: Extraction isn't a bad game it is in fact a average on-rails shooter but it does lack... More
  • Dead Space: Extraction Review

    Fear. Raw, unabashed, ever present fear. That’s the only way I can describe my state of mind while playing the original Dead Space. One of my favorite games of 2008, Dead Space was a breakthrough of sorts for EA. It seemed like one of the first... More
  • Just Not The Same

    Great try of a game but lacking due to the system it was put on. Even though the Wii's motion controls are "good" for shooters(I've found it lacking in good control), but people still want shooter to be played with a joystick on a controller... More
  • Dead Space: Extraction

    T he bad thing about a prequel is, that before you even press start on your controller, you already know exactly how the story ends. We all know that everyone aboard the USG Ishimura are fated to become the gruesomely disturbing mutated entities from... More
  • This is a Game Changer on The Wii

    I have had the Wii system since its release. And until playing Dead Space Extraction, I have been disapointed. DSE gives Wii owners a TRUE Dead Space experience. this is not your typical On the rails Game. This Game has many diffrent aspects that blow... More
  • Pretty scary game

    Play this game in the dark More
  • A Fright-Light Shootout

    The horror of being hunted in the vacuum of space never quite takes grip in Dead Space: Extraction, a Wii-exclusive prequel to the exceptional Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 space drama. Whether that’s due to the perspective switch from third- to first... More