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Dead Space 3 - Strategy , Walkthrough , Enimies, Characters & Trophies Guide

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 - Strategy , Walkthrough , Enimies, Characters & Trophies Guide

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 Game INRODUCTION:

Name: Dead Space 3
Platform: PlayStation 3
2 Players
Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action
Release Date: 2/5/2012

Dead Space 3 Game Screenshots




Now Dead Space 3 has arrived. Initially, fans were a little worried by what had been shown off pre-release: enemies that fire back, a cover system, and - what may have disturbed some more than others - microtransactions. Did they mess it up?

Dead Space 3 is excellent, meaning I didn't enjoy very much of it. The torture is self-inflicted, and I only increased the severity by playing the game without company, without light and without those regular breaks they used to warn you about in the manual (ask your parents). The inclusion of co-op has made the solo stress no less potent.Dead Space 3 boldly went where the previous Dead Space had gone before: No. 1 in the UK all-formats charts. We know, shock horror (ho ho ho), but more interesting is that the third main entry in the series scored 26.6 percent less UK launch sales than its predecessor.

Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier John Carver on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, Isaac must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts.Dead Space 3 introduces many new concepts that even veteran fans of the series may be unfamiliar with. Here is a guide to help you get started on the right foot, discover helpful practices, and other general strategy.

Dead Space 3 Starter Guide


There are now resources in Dead Space 3, replacing money from previous games. Resources can be used to craft many different things, from health and ammo packs to new weapons. To conserve on resources at the beginning, skip crafting items, and instead focus on putting your resources to use upgrading your RIG. Weapon parts get discovered with enough frequency that you never really need to construct any parts. Once scavenger bots are found, always remember to have them deployed.

Taking apart health packs will give you somatic gel. Similarly, stasis packs give you transducers and taking apart ammo packs will net you scrap metal. Lastly, your resources are saved in your inventory if you jump around from chapter to chapter using the chapter select option. This means you can go back to early levels and blow through them with your upgraded weapons to collect as many resources as you can


Issac is much more mobile this time around, and there are new mechanics to showcase this. Rolling, for example, is new. If an attack is coming straight for you, you can dive and roll out of the way simply by tapping the sprint button twice. You can also crouch down at any time, and if you crouch by boxes or other obstacles you will take cover behind them. Dismembering enemies will slow them down and weaken them more than just shooting them in the chest. If you have a weapon with a rotator cuff installed on it, use the alt-fire button to rotate the angle of the shot to easily slice off arms, legs, tentacles, or other extremities. Melee can be used without aiming down the sights, and should only be used if you are getting closed in on by a weakened enemy.

Issac also has access to both Kinesis and Stasis powers. It allows you to freeze them in their tracks for a bit to easily take them out. There is also an achievement or trophy for killing enemies while they are Stasis'd.  Cut off a Necromorph's arm? Throw it back at him to kill him!


Co-Op is also new to the franchise. Playing along with a buddy generally makes the game easier, as there are now two people picking off Necromorphs instead of just one. Another way that Co-Op makes the game a bit easier is that resources and other items found in lockers actually duplicate themselves. This means that both players can stock up on that ammo pack you found while trudging across Tau Volantis. If one player is in need of some health or other item, players can be share items easily as well. Simply pull up your inventory, highlight the item you want, select it, then pick "Share." It will be sent to your partner immediately for use.

Dead Space 3 game tips and tricks

Here's some basic Dead Space 3 tips and tricks (-NOTE-) This guide is still very new, so if you have something that youthink belongs in here let me know!

o It can not be overstated enough: STOMP EVERY ENEMY! Every enemy you kill should drop an item! If they don't, they likely need stomped! There's also a few caveats to this rule: - If you stomp an enemy, their limps should fall off. - If the limbs do not fall off, there is a good chance that some sort of infector enemy will use these corpses to turn into more enemies.

o WATCH YOUR BACK. They LOVE to put enemies in front of you, just so they can put one behind you. - You can often set up traps in front of vents in large rooms to help defeat the inevitable attack. Note that you can only really do this once you can combine a SURVEY CHARGE with a DIRECTED EJECTION FIELD. -

o If there's a stasis recharge station nearby, go crazy with stasis! You can always fill it up after the fight! - Speaking of stasis, you can stasis lurkers and other ground enemies and then just go right up to them and stomp them to finish them  off

o Keep a TORQUE BAR on you at all times so you can enter the various Torque Bar rooms in the game. For the most part, they are all worth the price of entry. If you wish, you can always consult the guide to see what is in the room before entering it! o Keep in mind some enemies will "play dead". It is always a wise idea to put a bullet in a corpse if you aren't sure about it's, um... death.

o There are multiple places in the game you can make items re-appear. I point out one of them in the guide but after hearing the word around the internet I've come to realize there are a TON of these spots. It's a pretty cheap way to get items, if you ask me, but items are item! I won't be pointing out any more re-appearing item locations in the guied. 

Dead Space 3 game enemies

(-NOTE-) MOST enemies (not all, but most) have an Enhanced form.  Enhanced forms are harder to kill andbecome very common by the end of the game.

  • Alien Necromorph

These things are the BIG beasts that appear only during the last fourchapters of the game. They are the largest regular enemy you'll encounter.More often than not they will attempt to charge you, so be SURE to stay outof a corner as they can charge over and over and hit you up multiple timesif you let them.

  • Crawlers

This once-common enemy from Dead Space 2 doesn't show up that often on itsown. Instead, it is mostly tied to areas where you encounter Alien Necromorphs.They resemble babies in size and will try to crawl up next to you and explode(much like the Exploder).

  • Cyst

Another enemy that you won't see much of. You'll encounter these things around Chapter 14 in a building overgrown with necromorphic flesh. They are essentially pods that spit out a small explosive sack once you get near them.

  • Exploders

Skinny necromorphs that drag around a large, glowing sack. This sack is in actuality a large bomb, so taking Exploders out from range is your highest priority. Try your best to explode their bomb when they are around other necromorphs as collateral damage is a plus.

  • Feeder

Another new enemy type. The Feeder takes on the role of the "Pack" enemies from Dead Space 2. In other words, ever time you see ONE Feeder, 6-7 more are bound to follow. They are skinny and humanoid in appearence, and do their best to rush your position.

  • Guardians

Guardians return from Dead Space 2 but don't appear very often. They are the mass of flesh that stick to walls and can't move around. In this game they will spit out Head Infectors from time to time, as when you encounter them there is always bodies laying around.

  • Leapers

Leapers are the large, flat scorpion-looking things that will often rush you and try to pin you to the ground. They are very agile and can easily rush you in seconds as well as bounce around from wall to wall with little problem.

  • Lurker

Lurkers are the main long-range threat in the game. They are the small dog-like creatures that attack from range using three tentacles. Shoot off two of the tentacles to take them down. They often appear in outer-space segments as well, from exterior vents.

  • Nest

The Nest is a large mass of necro flesh that you will only encounter in space segments. It will often shoot chunks of flesh at you (or at specific places) that explode on contact. You merely need to keep shooting the mouth that shoots the flesh out to kill it off.

  • Poison Lung

This enemy is a rare sight in the game. It only shows up in one of the co-op missions. It sits in a single place and poisons the atmosphere around it. You won't deal with them for very long and they are easy to kill. Good to see them return, if only for a single room.

  • Pukers

Pukers are, by far, the most annoying enemy in the game. They look a LOT like slashers but often sport a green hue. Their primary attack is a long-range spit attack. It doesn't hurt much, but it does stop you from running and makes you move REALLY slow.

  • Slasher

Your typical cannon-fodder necromorph. You'll encounter these guys throughout the game, as they are used to ambush you at in-opportune times and as general wave material. A good strategy is to aim for the legs and then wack off an arm afterward.

  • Stalker

Another enemy that returns from Dead Space 2. Stalkers are the raptors of the game. They only appear in areas with lots of cover and will use that cover to stalk you. You can often see them peeking around corners. After awhile, they will run around the corner and charge you, at which point you can take them down.

  • The Hunter

This guy is the regenerative necromorph in the game. Dead Space had the Hunter, Dead Space 2 had the Ubermorph... you have The Hunter! (I'm a genius at naming these things!). ANYWAY, it looks like an extra-large Slasher and has unitologist markings all over its body. More importantly, it regenerates body parts and keeps stalking you.

  • The Pack

are small child-like necromorphs that attempt to rush you like Feeders. However, only Carver will end up fighting and seeing this enemy. Can't spoil why, but it's awesome. Hint: PLAY AS CARVER!

  • Twitchers

These things are fairly unique as far as enemies go. They are essentially Wasters that have had stasis modules fused into their necromorphic flesh. As a result, when you encounter them they will seem to twitch in and out of view. Your best bet in dealing with them is to stasis them, as this brings them back to normal movement. Well, that or stasis coating on your gun.

  • Waster

A new enemy type to Dead Space: the Waster looks even more human than the Slasher. Wasters tend to rush you and attack with melee weapons such as axes and ice-picks. They are very common. Upon taking damage, they will sometimes split in half and sprout tentacles like a Crawler

Dead Space 3 game characters

  • Isaac Clarke

Isaac is an engineer and ship specialist, and is the main character of thegame. There isn't much character development as such with Isaac throughoutthe story. As, with many cutscenes, Isaac does not interact with the any ofthe other characters directly.However, from the background story log. Isaac's mother was involved with theChurch of Unitology and his father mysteriously disappeared. There is noinformation on whether Isaac has any involvement with the church.

  • Nicole Brennan

Isaac was romantically involved with Nicole, however she left him aftergetting a promotion to work on the Ishimura. The exact nature of theirrelationship is not known.  From Nicole's message to Isaac, she soundedvery regretful, sad and lonely. The desperation in her voice indicatedsomething has gone really wrong.It is safe to assume that Nicole was sorry that she left Isaac for her job,which did not turn out to be the job she hoped for.

  • Zach Hammond

Sergeant Hammond is the chief of security aboard the USG Kellion, and ispart of the CEC's security team. He seems like a head-strong and toughsecurity guard, perhaps with military training. Hammond tries hard to savethe Ishimura, but it appears that there are people on board that are doing theopposite.Initially, Kendra suspects Hammond of hiding something from her and Isaac.

  • Kendra Daniels

Kendra is a computer specialist, and helped Isaac through most of his missionson the Ishimura. Initially, Kendra was friendly and gave Isaac importantinformation, assisting him in repairing the various problems with the ship.Kendra conveniently blaming Hammond about knowing the Marker and this shiftedmost of the suspicion to Hammond and the CEC. Later on, it was revealed thatKendra is a covert agent working with perhaps a rival organization or maybethe government? This was never really clear, and whether she is involved withthe Church of Unitology is unknown.It is also unclear what Kendra's real intention is and whether or not she wasin fact affected by the Marker.

  • Dr. Mercer

Dr. Mercer is probably the main antagonist in the game. Dr. Mercer believesthat the infection is divine and that the necromorphs will eventually replacehumanity as a whole new species. He was very interested in studying thenecromorphs and performed many experiments in his lab, and created theRegenerator, which he unleashed upon on Isaac.Dr. Mercer is a loyal follower of the Church of Unitology and also killed theremaining survivors.

  • Dr. Terrance Kyne

Dr. Kyne is another follower of the Church of Unitology, he also workedwith Dr. Mercer. Unlike Dr. Mercer, he was reluctant in studying thenecromorphs, he does not believe they are divine or part of the teaching inUnitology. Dr. Kyne confesses at first he lost hope and tried to sabotagesystems and equipment, but later on realized his wrong doing.Dr Kyne's wife is Amelia Kyne, who was dead for quite some time according toDr. Mercer.

  • Jacob Temple

The acting chief engineer on the Ishimura who worked on the engineering deck ofthe ship. Throughout the game, Isaac found many audio logs from Temple talkingabout the situation. He tried hard to try to locate and group with Elizabeth.Jacob first traveled to the bridge and found no survives. Then he traveledto the Hydroponics sector, but did not manage find Elizabeth.When Jacob finally found Elizabeth, they discovered there isn't any space-worthshuttle on board and escapsing the Ishimura is becoming less and less likely.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Cross

Dr. Elizabeth Cross worked on the Hydroponics deck and in food storage. Fromher audio log, she was first pleased with the excellent progress of thefood production on the hydroponics deck, but she also noted the problems onthe colony. However, from her second audio logs, things has taken a seriousturn on the ship. She also reported that something large has dropped intofood storage and it is definitely not nature...Dr. Cross also tried to locate Jacob, but they managed to find each other inthe mining deck.

  • Benjamin Mathius

The captain of the the Ishimura and is also a Unitologist. The captain took ainterest in the Marker and has a good relationship with Dr. Kyne in thebeginning. The captain initially believe it is God's work under the colony.However, he soon realizes that the colony is in serious trouble and issued ano fly order in order to quarantine the entire colony.But, later on the captain has a fall out with Dr. Kyne, who uses his authorityto relieve the captain from his duties.

Dead Space 3 Game Trophies


(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  • Dead on Arrival (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1 on any setting.
  • Lab Rat (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2 on any setting.
  • All Systems Go (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3 on any setting.
  • Cannon Fodder (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4 on any setting.
  • True Believer (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5 on any setting.
  • Greenhouse Effect (Bronze): Complete Chapter 6 on any setting.
  • S.O.S. (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7 on any setting.
  • Strange Transmissions (Bronze): Complete Chapter 8 on any setting.
  • Wreckage (Bronze): Complete Chapter 9 on any setting.
  • Keeper of the Faith (Bronze): Complete Chapter 10 on any setting.
  • Betrayed (Bronze): Complete Chapter 11 on any setting.
  • Exodus (Bronze): Complete Chapter 12 on any setting.
  • Pack Rat (Bronze): Store 25 items in Safe.
  • Story Teller (Bronze): Collect Half of all Logs.
  • Z-Baller (Bronze): Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
  • Merchant (Bronze): Collect 5 schematics.
  • Armstrong (Bronze): TK shoot 50 objects.
  • Marksman (Bronze): Dismember 5 Limbs.
  • Surgeon (Bronze): Dismember 250 Limbs.
  • Freeze (Bronze): Use Statis on 50 Enemies.
  • Crackshot (Bronze): Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery.
  • Air Alert (Bronze): Zero G jump over 100 times.
  • Brawler (Bronze): Kill at least 50 enemies with a melee attack.
  • Ragdoll Check (Bronze): Force an enemy into a gravity panel.
  • Big Spender (Bronze): Spend 500,000 credits at the store.
  • Full Contact (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Contact Beam.
  • A Cut Above (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Ripper.
  • Tool Time (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Plasma Cutter.
  • Pusher (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Force Gun.
  • Live with the Hot Ones (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Flamethrower.
  • Autofire (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.
  • Eviscerator (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Line Gun.
  • There's Always Peng (Bronze): Find the Peng Treasure.
  • Survivor (Silver): Beat the game on any difficulty setting.
  • Legend Teller (Silver): Collect all Logs.
  • Full Arsenal (Silver): Own every Weapon in the game.
  • Butcher (Silver): Dismember 500 Limbs.
  • Epic Tier 3 Engineer (Gold): Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.
  • One Gun (Gold): Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter.
  • Maxed Out (Gold): Upgrade all weapons and equipment.
  • Platinum (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies to unlock this trophy.