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  • Blog Post: Better Left In The Shadows

    In the absence of more traditional action, first-person exploration games depend on their atmosphere and characters. Success stories like Dear Esther and Gone Home demonstrate how a compelling narrative can pull players in, even when the gameplay consists mainly of looking at stuff and reading. Zombie... More
  • Blog Post: Two Trailers For The Price Of One

    Even with a name like Daylight, Zombie Studios upcoming procedurally-generated survival horror title is surprisingly dark. That must be why the the developer feels it needs to show us more of the game with two new trailers. The following trailers showcase the game's hospital environment and a lurking... More
  • Blog Post: Daylight Delayed To Ensure It's As Scary As Possible

    We'll have to wait a few extra weeks before we see Daylight. Atlus has announced that Zombie Studios' horror game won't be coming out April 8, but will be arriving on April 29 instead. To help ease the disappointment, the publisher has released some new assets for the game as well as details... More
  • Blog Post: Daylight Gets Release Date On PS4 & PC

    Atlus and developer Zombie Studios have announced a release date and price for first-person horror PC/PS4 title Daylight. The game comes out on April 8 for $14.99. Atlus says it's still working on release details of the game's pre-order campaign. Atlus and Zombie Studios have also announced that... More
  • Blog Post: New Daylight Trailer Implores You To Not Look Back

    Atlus and Zombie Studios have released a new trailer for Daylight, a first-person horror game. The trailer is titled "Don't Look Back," and from the looks of it, that's sound advice. The game's heroine, Sarah Gwynn, doesn't stop moving in the clip, even as she runs through a... More
  • Blog Post: Atlus Sheds Light On Daylight's Story, Environments

    It's been a while since we've heard anything about Atlus' horror game, Daylight , but some new details have escaped. We've got new screens from the game that show off some office and sewer areas, as well as a big piece of the game's back story. A few things have changed since we last... More
  • Blog Post: A Glimpse Into The Unpredictable Sewers

    At this year’s E3, Zombie Studios unlocked the front doors of Daylight’s abandoned mental asylum and set us loose . The padded walls and tile floors of the hospital aren’t the only locales players will visit, however. If players survive the asylum, they’ll make it to the entrance... More
  • Blog Post: Capturing The Thrill Of The Escape

    From Zombie Studios, the developer that worked on the Saw games , is a new horror title that aims to scare with simplicity. The art of scaring someone is hard to execute. Environments, sound, and unpredictability all help spark tension, and Zombie Studios appears to be keeping all of that in mind with... More
  • Blog Post: Atlus And Zombie Studio's Bring Next-Gen Horror To PS4 And PC

    The company's first next-gen project is a psychological horror game that will be a console exclusive for Sony. Daylight is developed by Zombie Studios, and features a script written by gaming media personality Jessica Chobot. The game features a somewhat familiar feeling set-up: you awake in an abandoned... More
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