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Everything About Pyromancy-The User's Guide

Dark Souls

Everything About Pyromancy-The User's Guide

For those of you who have chosen "pyromancer" as their starting class or have learned pyromancy sometime in your adventure, it's safe to say that pyromancy is one of the most powerful weapons to have in your arsenal.  However, being Dark Souls, it takes time to learn all the tricks, locations, and upgrades for pyromancy.  Well, I want to bestow upon you my knowledge of pyromancy.


Unlike other catalysts in Dark Souls, the pyromancy flame can indeed be upgraded.  Please keep in mind that pyromancy WILL NOT SCALE WITH INTELLIGENCE.  So if you're wondering why your intelligence isn't having an effect on your pyromancy, hopefully the above sentence will magically burn in your mind.  Now, to upgrade your flame you will have to rescue Laurentius of the Great Swamp.  You can not upgrade your pyromancy without him, so here I will provide you with his location.  If you're past this part, skip the green!.  As you enter the door to The Depths, head down the stairs. When you get down to the room with the torch wielding hollows and tables, you will notice there are openings in the right wall.  Jump down and move to the top of the room, and there is a hall to the left.  Defeat the 2nd mad butcher, and continue on to the room.  Laurentius is in a barrel in the top left corner.  ROLL into the barrels to break him free, and he will thank you and will now reside at Firelink Shrine.  Head there now! As you talk to Laurentius, you will notice the options Modify Equipment and Purchase Item.  Pick Modify equipment and you will see a screen much like the blacksmith upgrade screen. There are 15 total levels of modification for you flame, and I will post the costs below.

  1. Upgrade 1- 500 souls
  2. Upgrade 2- 1000 souls
  3. Upgrade 3- 2000 souls
  4. Upgrade 4- 3000 souls
  5. Upgrade 5- 4000 souls       
  6. Upgrade 6- 5500 souls 
  7. Upgrade 7- 7000 souls 
  8. Upgrade 8- 8500 souls 
  9. Upgrade 9- 10000 souls 
  10. Upgrade 10- 12000 souls 
  11. Upgrade 11- 14000 souls 
  12. Upgrade 12- 16000 souls
  13. Upgrade 13- 19000 souls
  14. Upgrade 14- 22000 souls 
  15. Upgrade 15- 25000 souls 

You can also ascend your flame past level 15.  To do this, you have to find Quelana of Izalith.  To find her, start by looking out from the entrance of Quelaag's Domain.  You will notice that there are several pillars.  From where you are standing, she will be at the left most pillar. Go down and she will be on one side (it takes a little bit of searching).  You can only ascend your flame if you've upgraded it to level 15.  She also sells pyromancies, all of which are powerful.  These are the only two teachers who can ascend and upgrade your pyromancy, so find them early! Costs of ascension is as follows:

  1. Ascension 0- 25000 souls
  2. Ascension 1- 27000 souls 
  3. Ascension 2- 30000 souls 
  4. Ascension 3- 33000 souls 
  5. Ascension 4- 36000 souls
  6. Ascension 5- 40000 souls  

An important reminder____ When you ascend your flame, then the attacks will scale with intelligence.  BUT IT ONLY SCALES WITH THE PUNCH ATTACK (R2).  INTELLIGENCE WILL NOT MAKE YOUR PYROMANCIES STRONGER!!!                                                                                                                                                                                  


Here is a straight-forward chart of all pyromancies with their descriptions, Whew this is a lot to write!

Name Uses Slots Description Location Area of Effect


8 1 Throws a small ball of flame



Starting spell for pyromancers

Small explosion, and a medium range
Fire Orb 6 1 Throws a medium ball of flame, improves upon fireball



Medium explosion, and a medium range
Great Fireball 4 1 Throws a big ball of flame, improves upon fire orb Quelana Big explosion, and a medium range
Great Chaos Fireball 4 2 Throws a huge ball of flame, improves upon great fireball Join the Chaos Covenant Huge explosion, and a medium range. Dmg increase with more humanity
Firestorm 20 1 A great storm of fire rains down Quelana Very low range, has an AOE all around the player
Fire Tempest 20 1 A great storm of fire rains down. Improves upon fire storm Quelana Very low range, has an AOE all around the player
Chaos Storm 20 2 Great pillars of fire erupt. Improves upon fire tempest Level 2 Chaos Covenant Very low range, has an AOE all around the player; Dmg increase with more humanity
Combustion 16 1 A small burst of fire from the players fingers



Low range, basically striking distance
Great Combustion 8 1 A large burst of fire from the players fingers Quelana Low range, basically striking distance
Fire Surge 80 1 A weak jet stream of fire from the players fingers

Painted World of Ariamis

Low range, basically striking distance
Fire Whip 80 1 A whip of fire, as the name implies Quelana Medium range
Chaos Fire Whip 80 2 A huge whip of fire Lost Izalith Medium range, Dmg increase with more humanity
Flash Sweat 3 1 Douses the players in water, weakening pyromancy dmg for a short time Laurentius To self
Iron Flesh 3 1 Causes the players defense and fire defense to greatly increase. However it also overencumbers Laurentius To self
Power Within 1 1 Greatly increases dmg and defense, but constantly drains away HP Blighttown To self
Poison Mist 3 1 Emits a cloud that gives a poison status to any enemy it touches



Medium range
Toxic Mist 1 1 Emits a cloud that gives a toxic status to any enemy it touches Eingyi Medium range
Acid Surge 2 1 Emits a cloud that does dmg against the equipment of any enemy it touches.  IT DOES NOT INFLICT PHYSICAL DMG!!! Painted World of Ariamis Medium range
Undead Rapport 7 1 Turns any undead it touches into a temporary ally Quelana Medium range


Also a list of the merchants that sell pyromancies:

Laurentius- see upgrade section to find where he is. Also, if you don't have the pyromancy catalyst, he will give you one

Quelana- left most pillar from facing out of Quelaag's Domain

Eingyi- after you defeat Quelaag, go down the stairs from where you rang the bell.  There will be a suspicious looking brick wall at one of the sides.  Strike it, and before you attack that egg carrier talk to it.  He will ask you if you're new to the covenant.  Answer yes, and you will be allowed in.  Talk to him further and if you don't have a pyromancy catalyst, he will give you his.  He will also sell you some pyromancies, but only if you are infected.  To become infected, go to the other egg-burdened undead near the beginning of Quelaag's domain and try to damage them as little as possible.  They will grab you and infect you with their eggs.  You can now succesfully learn the other pyromancies!.  To learn more about the covenant, see the Covenant section. 



Perhaps the only covenant that contributes to pyromancy is the CHAOS SERVANT covenant.  To find this covenant, start from the room that has the second bell (n Quelaag's domain).  You will notice that there is a spiral case of stairs leading down.  Head down, and at the bottom of the stairs is another room.  Don't continue onward to Demon Ruins (the covenant's not there!).  There is an out of place brick wall in this room.  Strike it to make it disappear, and you will be greeted by Eingyi, the egg-bearing pyromancy master.  Tell him you are a new recruit to the covenant, and you'll be directed to a, to be frank, creepy spider lady.  She doesn't talk, but as a gift for joining she will give you the Great Chaos Fireball.  To level up in this covenant, you need to give the creepy spider lady your humanity.  The chart below gives you the description of each level and its rewards

Rank Humanity Required Reward
0 0 Great Chaos Fireball, awarded for joining
1 10 Nothing
2 30 Chaos Firestorm and a shortcut to Izalith opens up
3 80 Nothing



  • THIS IS AN EXTREMELY USEFUL TIP.  Most pyromancy only have a few charges, or uses.  To increase these amount of charges, you have to buy multiple scrolls of the same spell.  However, each scroll will take up an attunement slot.  For example, if I have 3 attunement slots, and I want to double my fireball, I will have to put both of those scrolls into 2 slots, and the third slot can hold only one more spell.  This will combine your pyromancies, so you won't have to scroll through one fireball then to combustion then to the other fireball you have in your slot for the 16 uses.
  • When in combat, allow yourself some time to charge up and/or throw your fire spell.  It takes at least a second or 2 for the animation, but in Dark Souls a lot can happen in that window.  Wait and anticipate the enemy's motions, and wait for an opening.  It's also a great idea to cast your spells from behind the enemy.
  • Be sure to use the appropriate pyromancies for the right enemies.  If most enemies are more melee hitters, then use close combat spells like combustion.  Ranged enemies, use ranged spells like fireball.  Also be sure to keep a variety of spells for when facing bosses, or stock up on one spell you think will do the best. 
  • Don't be afraid to experiment.  See which attacks are best against which enemies, and see what spells aren't as effective.  Remember, many enemies are extremely weak to fire.  Don't be hesitant to throw some flame around. 
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