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Dark Souls Boss Strategies(A-Z)**SPOILER ALERT**

Dark Souls

Dark Souls Boss Strategies(A-Z)**SPOILER ALERT**

Note: For videos of each boss battle, please visit this link. This guide made possible by www.gamesradar.com and players like you. Thank you.

  • Asylum Demon

Obviously, the easiest boss in the game. From the top where you enter the arena through the white fog, fall while holding the attack button. You will deliver well over a quarter of damage. From there, dodge the Demon's attacks. Wait for it to let its guard down and hack away using the heavy attack button.

  • Bed Of Chaos

While avoiding and blocking his attacks, cut the branches and attack the core of one of the orbs. Once both orbs are activated, a piece of ground in front of the boss will fall. Do a running jump, cut through the bramble, and hit the swelled tick-like creature. He will die with one hit.

  • Bell Gargoyles

This fight is extremely straightforward. Block and dodge the Gargoyle A's attacks and hit him when you can until Gargoyle B joins the party. Keep attacking A. If both gargoyles gang up on you, run and try to split them up. After A is dead, you can focus on B.

  1. If you have Gold Pine Resin, the fight will be much easier, as gargoyles are very weak to lightning.
  2. If you have any Firebombs, or have Fire Magic, use it; the gargoyles are weak to fire.
  3. Regardless if you're on or offline, if you are unhallowed(a human), you can summon Solaire of Astora to help you. His Summon Sign is found right before the fog on the rooftop.
  • Capra Demon

Kill the dogs. Dodge the Demon's attacks and get in your own when a spot opens up. You can also lure him below the ledge and do a plunging attack(falling while holding down the attack button) for a quick and easy victory.

  • Ceaseless Discharge

Stay close to the edge to avoid the CD's fire attacks. To avoid his tentacle attacks, sprint from side to side. Get a few hits in during your window of opportunity. Repeat until he is defeated.

  • Centipede Demon

As you only have a very thin ledge to walk on, lure the Centipede onto your platform. Dodge his attacks by running from one side of the ledge to the other. Once done attacking, getting in your attacks. Repeat until you are victorious.

  1. Do NOT lock on to the Centipede, as the camera will sporadically move when you are under his arms to attack.
  2. When he's in the air, get away from him until he lands to avoid being hit.
  3. When he's down to about a third of heath, bombs will fall from the ceiling when he jumps. Wait for them to explode before you continue.
  • Chaos Witch Quelaag

Avoid the fire, dodge roll to avoid her attacks, and watch out for when the human portion of her body bows down; this means she's about to do a devastating Area of Effect attack, and  you need to run away.

  • Crossbreed Priscilla

This fight is a lot easier than it seems. Look for Priscilla's footsteps in the snow. Keep your shield at the ready in case you happen to lose your sight.

  • Demon Firesage

Similar to the Asylum Demon, Firesage has two powerful, you guessed it, fire attacks. When his spear is planted into the ground, run, as it means he's about to use an explosive Area of Effect attack. His cone of fire attack can be dodged, but it's very difficult to do so, and it would be wise to have a shield that helps against fire. When he leaps into the air to do an axe roll, roll towards his body and score i some hits.

  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough

Unfortunately, there's no easy approach to this fight--it's a test of skill. Ornstein is agile and does both lightning and physical damage. Smough is slow but very powerful. When one dies, the other gains the deceased's powers; Ornstein doubles in size and strength if Smough kicks the bucket first, and likewise, Smough gains lightning damage for all of his attacks.

  1. If you are unhallowed, you can summon Solaire of Astora. His sign is at the top of the short staircase near the entrance of the fight. He will tank one of the bosses and greatly cut down the battle's difficulty and length.
  • Four Kings

A Lord Demon encounter, you must equip the Covenant of Artorias ring to access the abyss. Wear your heaviest and most defensive armor. As the fight goes on and there begin to be a total of four Kings, don't worry;--they all share the same healthpool.

  • Gaping Dragon

Because you can avoid his stomps and dodge his side swipes from the location, move to the right side of the Dragon's body, between his legs. Run away when he flies into the air so you don't get crushed upon his landing, and avoid his occasional acid vomit attack.

  • Gravelord Nito

Another Lord Demon encounter. When first starting, lure Nito towards the entrance. Try your best to roll around until he reaches you, as his sword can pop up from anywhere in the room and attack you. Once he's been lured, you should be able to avoid the giant skeletons. Mini skeletons will try to attack you as you fight Nito. Avoid them and attack Nito. He will the spray death, which will kill the skeletons if you dodge it correctly. Keep attacking and use your Flask whenever you can.

  • Great Grey Wolf Sif

Wait until Sif finishes his fast and furious string of attacks, sprint under his body, and attack him. Get 3-5 hits in, then run away. Watch out for his two-parter spin attack; even if blocked, the first strike will drain your stamina, and the second will drain at least half of your health. You'll know he's about to use his spin attack when he switches the grip of the sword in his mouth. Try to heal whenever you can and be very patient. If you lose your cool, you'll make a mistake, and lose the battle.

  • Gwyn

The final boss of the game. You'll have to roll to avoid almost all of his attacks. Try  approaching him by constantly walking backwards with your shield raised. Equip any stamina regeneration gear you might have, as you'll almost be constantly rolling and blocking. When Gwyn tries to kick or grab you, use this time to get a few hits in, then start backing away. Don't bite off more than you can chew; trying to get too any hits in will result in death.. When you need to use your Flask or Healing spell, try to line the of sight him around one of the pillars.

  • Hydra

The hydra has two main attacks, its long-ranged attack where it spits water at you, and its lunge attack where all of its heads attack you if you are close to it. The water spit has a respectable area of effect and, depending on your level, can kill you in one hit, even with your shield raised. I recommend running backwards with your shield raised to evade this attack. To fight the hydra you should let it wade in to the shore then dash right in front of it, here it wont use its water spit attack and when it lunges at you your shield should block one of the heads hitting you, at the cost of all your stamina. The lunge attack is easily evaded by strafing left and back, and when all the heads are recovering you should attack. You can kill the hydra by either cutting off all of its heads or my damaging it enough, but cutting off all the heads gives you a bit more leg-room to work in.

  • Iron Golem

Don't worry if you fall off the platform you're fighting the Golem on. Try to keep him near the center and circle strafe(lock on and move around in a circle) to avoid almost all of his attacks. Watch out for his stomp attacks. Even if you block them, you'll still go sliding around as if you're an ice skater. After he has taken a certain amount of damage, he'll be stunned, and you can quickly kill him.

  • Moonlight Butterflye

If you have absolutely no projectile spells, make sure you have the longbow. Slowly chip away at its health while he's airborne, and doge his magic attacks; do NOT block as rolling is more effective. If it lands on the edge, attack it until it starts to glow; that's your signal to run.

  • Pinwheel

One of the easiest fights in the game, Pinwheel simply creates copies of himself while chocking spells at you. Avoid them and put him into a world of hurt.

  • Seath the Scaleless

Your immediate goal should be to get to the rear of the room and destroy the magical crystal. This prevents Seath from regenerating his health. Lure him into using his laser beam attack, run up to him, and slash away. If you notice him bowing and letting out a groan, RUN! He's about to use a powerful crystal Area of Effect attack that can easily kill you.

  • Taurus Demon

As soon as you come out of the fog, turn to your right and climb up a ladder. Kill the two skeletons. Climb down the ladder, run to the middle of the bridge until you see the Demon, and run back to the ladder. Plunge attack(fall while holding the attack button) onto Taurus's head. Then, run towards the middle of the bridge. Wait for him to follow and roll between his legs. Get back to the tower and plunge attack. Repeat until he's dead.