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  • Blog Post: Dante's Inferno: An underrated Hack and Slash Through Hell

    Dante's Inferno catches a lot of flak for being a complete and blatant rip off of God of War. Well...yea. That is what it is. They might as well have put the God of War team in the credits right after the Visceral Games studio. That being said, it is a fun rip off, and one that takes all the good... More
  • Blog Post: If Dante Were A Crusader...

    R eceiving Dante’s Inferno from far from its release date, I am well aware that most things to be noted about this game have most likely already been said. Having said that, my current boredom ( and qualms with this game, for that matter ) keep me from passing over this review. So I’ll... More
  • Blog Post: Sorely Disappointed

    I was a huge fan of the God of War series but had never owned any of the actual games aside from Chains of Olympus on PSP (still my favorite PSP game to date). Having had an Xbox 360 for a little over a year i was yearning for some GoW style action game from some time. This game seemed the answer to... More
  • Blog Post: Hell gets scary

    Dante's Inferno is one of those games that'll make you think. When playing through the game, I found myself constantly shouting at the screen in surprise because of highly imaginative and horrifyingly brutal looking creatures and bosses. But even more so than the shockingly hellish looking beasts... More
  • Blog Post: Dante meets graphic action.

    Shades engulfed in fire plummet from the sky as I hang tightly onto darkened walls that barely encase the limbs writhing beneath my grasp. Souls cry out for forgiveness, and scream in agony. As I drop down I am greeted by the soul of Virgil, my guide and master throughout this god forsaken place. I grasp... More
  • Blog Post: To each its own

    Dantes inferno may not be a unique concept in its gameplay but one reviewing this game should have nothing to do with any other game. No one should be bias against a game going into a review. You take it for what it is. No HISTORY unless its a sequel. The gameplay in Dantes Inferno is top notch. This... More
  • Blog Post: disappointed

    I want to say God of War 3, but it's soon. This will have to do, but not. I had so many high hopes, but it fall short when I played through the game. The visuals reminded me of a Prototype game, however, it did show some promise. The game could have been more EA would had just stuck to it's original... More
  • Blog Post: Clones are still good.

    GOW clone, GOW clone, personally I don't care. I really like this game. I've been playing the demo over and over and over again, and I love it. It's really exciting. Yes, the combat is EXACTLY like GOW, but is that supposed to be a bad thing? The combat is robust and awesome, but the only... More
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