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  • Blog Post: Evolutionary Gameplay, Revolutionary Graphics

    Modern science fiction is filled with wondrous alternate realities showcasing awe-inspiring technologies, but good stories are hard to come by. The Crysis series, with its rotating cast of sterile protagonists and questionable hard sci-fi plot twists, is just as guilty of this deficiency as the majority... More
  • Blog Post: Crysis 3 Video Outlines New Multiplayer Modes

    The latest video covering Crysis 3 dives into the new multiplayer modes Hunter and Crash Site. You will want to check out the video for the full rundown, because both game types offer complicated re-imaginings of the normal 'shoot the other team as frequently as possible' modes typically offered... More
  • Blog Post: Crysis 3 Continues To Impress With New Trailer

    There isn't a whole lot of new footage in this new 30 second Crysis 3 spot, but that doesn't make it any less gorgeous. Crysis 3 is coming February 26 to everything powerful enough to run it, which includes PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. More
  • Blog Post: Crysis 3: Bringing A Bow To A Gunfight

    We grab the compound bow to take some target practice on unsuspecting Cell operatives. When you have a superpowered nanosuit that can deflect bullets, turn you invisible, make you faster, enhance your strength, and improve your jumping ability, you don't need the most robust weapon arsenal to lay... More
  • Blog Post: Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer Shows Brief Bow And Arrow Gameplay

    The first glimpse of Crysis 3 is short, but it's only in place to tease the full trailer, which we will see later this month. There's a tiny little bit of gameplay, and in case you didn't know, you will be able to use a bow and arrow. Based on the few images we have received for Crysis 3... More
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