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  • Blog Post: An Expanding FPS Classic

    Anyone who played Counter-Strike significantly after its initial release is aware of its hardcore community. Relying far more on patience and team tactics than modern shooters like Call of Duty, it found a rabid following that has remained active for years. Valve continues to support that PC community... More
  • Blog Post: More Details Emerge For Valve's Downloadable Shooter

    Valve dropped a bunch of knowledge on Kotaku's Stephen Totilo, going into details on the team's goals for the upcoming PlayStation Network/Xbox Live Arcade/PC/Mac version of the classic shooter. In short, Counter-Strike: GO is a slight update to CS: Source with an emphasis on inviting new players... More
  • Blog Post: First Hands-On

    Valve's new entry in the Counter-Strike series feels very familiar, yet looks a lot better. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will include seven classic maps that feature the traditional bomb diffusion and hostage rescue modes. I played the former for a match and was instantly reminded of how different... More
  • Blog Post: First Screens And Trailer Promise You'll Love Killing Terrorists All Over Again

    Remember how awesome Counter-Strike used to be? If Valve has its way, you'll remember again soon! The first batch of screens and official trailer for the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pays homage to the past of the game that was once the king of multiplayer shooters while simultaneously... More
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