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  • Blog Post: A Shadow Of What Might Have Been

    Combining unique visuals, a vanguard concept, and atmosphere aplenty, Contrast is full of promise with its 3D platforming shifting to a 2D shadow world. Walking on the shadows projected onto walls as the real world ebbs and flows makes for an appealing premise. Unfortunately, the end product isn’t... More
  • Blog Post: This Clever Puzzle/Platformer Is A Lot More Than Just Eye Candy

    Running hurriedly through the Sony booth between appointments over the course of E3, one particular game kept catching my eye. Contrast's striking art aesthetic, which marries the vaudeville aesthetic of the 1920s with elements of film noir, is tough to miss. At PAX Prime I finally had a chance to... More
  • Blog Post: See The World Of Contrast From The Eyes Of A Young Girl

    It's been a while since our first look at Contrast . Though the news on the upcoming platformer has been slim, Contrast has not gone unnoticed, as it looks to be a unique addition bridging the gap between current and next-generation consoles. Now, Compulsion Games offers up a new trailer that reveals... More
  • Blog Post: Five New Images Showcase Contrast's Vaudevillian World

    Developer Compulsion Games has offered five new screens for its upcoming film-noir and vaudeville-inspired 1920s puzzle platformer, Contrast. The game places players in the shoes of Dawn, the imaginary friend of Didi. She is a young girl coping with a traumatic event with Dawn's help. Shadows play... More
  • Blog Post: Finding Beauty In The World Of Contrast

    Compulsion Games' striking indie platformer/puzzler presents players with an irresistible mix of themes and aesthetics. The setting blends 1920s vaudeville with the film noire of the 1940s. The player travels seamlessly between the colorful 3D world and the moving shadows that paint its surfaces... More
  • Blog Post: Diving In And Out Of Shadows

    Contrast is a puzzle/platformer with a twist. You can run around the world in 3D and then jump into the shadows and walk along any lit surface. The game’s puzzles involve manipulating lights in order to change the shadow landscape. To get a better idea of how the game works we chatted with Compulsion... More
  • Blog Post: Puzzle Platformer Contrast Debuts With Shadowy Trailer

    This just-announced title channels an Art Deco vibe from the last century while it intrigues us with what appear to be animated shadows that the player can interact and merge with. Contrast, from independent Montreal studio Compulsion Games, challenges players to solve its puzzles by jumping between... More
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