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  • Blog Post: Developer Diary Covers Details Of Single Player Campaign

    In the latest developer diary for Company of Heroes 2, more details for the single player campaign are revealed. Game director Quinn Duffy says that part of the goal of the real time strategy game is to "Portray the horror and terror of World War II in a way that is sensitive, but unflinching."... More
  • Blog Post: There Are More Than Tanks On This Battlefield

    Tanks have played a large role in the Company of Heroes history, but new publisher Sega wants to remind players that the armored behemoths aren't the only major players in the sequel. A new Company of Heroes 2 trailer shows off a variety of new threats, including the merciless cold of the Russian... More
  • Blog Post: The Eastern Front Roars In Company Of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Trailer

    Relic Entertainment's upcoming RTS focuses on the Eastern Front, but you might be more interested in the multiplayer front. Thankfully, Relic's supurb looking sequel should offer many hours worth of online thrills. For more on Company Of Heroes 2, check out Relic's recent developer diary... More
  • Blog Post: Heroes And Carnage On The Battlefield

    This RTS from Relic Entertainment focuses on the Eastern front of World War II, and the latest screens give you an idea of how the conflict will look as you plan your tactics and manage your resources. Don't let the setting put you off; even though developers have been making WWII games for years... More
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