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How To Get Gold Guns Fast

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

How To Get Gold Guns Fast

1. Make a good class that will work good for the type of game your playing and make sure you have the gun you want.

2. First off every time you level up with your gun and if it unlocked any attachments put that on and check challenges see how many kills you need with that attachment and get that many kills this will add 1000 gun XP and help you out a lot!

3. When ever you have the chance get any kill with the gun so if you find an AFK (Away from keyboard/controller) get a quick head shot on him.

4. Same thing as step 4 if you find someone laying down and you see him from behind don't knife him shoot him!

5. You will need about 1000 kills with a weapon to get the gold gun so if you get head shots it could turn into 800 kills.

6. Leveling up will go up FAST until you reach level 30 because you will play about 5-7 hours of gameplay to get from level 30 to 31 (this is if you get about 20-30 kills a game). To put it in a short statement its HARD!

7. Look at other challenges for the gun it will help you out so much if you do challenges.

8. Have fun with the game and trying to unlock gold guns and if you liked this guide give it a 5 star please it would help me out.

Thank you for reading.

Created By: Dawson Wyckoff